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Chris Samnee Batman illustrations! - Original Comic Art Tips 215

November 13 · Issue #215 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #215 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the Chewbacca commission by Daniel Warren Johnson was sold for $2,5k, the Transformers cover for $1,8k, a Teen Titans cover by Eddy Barrows for $1,5k, a Teen Titans DPS by Brett Booth for $1,4k, the Batman splash by Gary Frank for $1,3k.
The other Batman pages by Gary Frank were nice and went pretty cheap, this one for $400, this one for $300. A Namor page by Gene Colan went for $1,3k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: very high price, $8,4k, for this Fantastic Four page by George Perez, the Kirby sketches went for $6k. An Avengers half splash for only $650, a nice Wizard King page by Wally Wood for $600, low prices for Garfield dailies, in anticipation of yesterday’s themed auction everybody forgot about these.
The color guide for a Ka-Zar cover by Barry Smith went for $1,7k.
Hake’s Auction: the three early strips by Gottfredson were sold for more than $80k, with $45k as the highest price. A 1964 Peanuts daily for $24k, a Jann title page by Al Williamson for $9k, a Batman Animated page by Byrne for $6k, a Fantastic Four page for $5,2k, a Dracula page by Colan for $5,6k, the Sandman flyer by Mike Dringenberg for $5,5k.
Nate Sanders Auctions: Peanuts strips sold for $55k, $31k, $27k,

This week on eBay
Bruce Timm - Harley & Ivy Original Art
Bruce Timm - Harley & Ivy Original Art
DC: another year has passed, and it’s time for Batober-Batman “sketches” by Chris Samnee! Here are a few, he’s auctioning the first 15. The best one is Batman and Catwoman, I also like this one, this one and this one.
This painted Harley & Ivy pinup by Bruce Timm is a beautiful piece, a Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams.
Marvel: a Two in One page by Sal Buscema, a New Warriors page and a Fantastic Four page by Paul Ryan, a Captain America illustration by Scott Kolins for Hero Initiative.
A modern action page by Ditko, a Cinderella daily by Floyd Gottfredson.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Dracula by Gene Colan, Namor by Marie Severin, an iconic Spidey page by JrJr, Green lantern cover by Gibbons, Red Sonja by Thorne, a Terry daily by Caniff. Not a great week.
Catawiki Auctions
Dany - Original Illustration
Dany - Original Illustration
A Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt, an unfinished illustration by Andrea Pazienza, one by Jacovitti, a page by Gipi, a Kriminal page by Magnus, a Nathan Never cover by De Angelis.
An illustration by Dany, one by Macherot, a page by Blutch, an Andy Capp strip, a Popeye daily by Bela Zaboly.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2 of 2
Charles Schulz - Peanuts Original Comic Art
Charles Schulz - Peanuts Original Comic Art
If you missed the covers last week here’s a link.
A complete 1964 Iron-Man story by Don Heck, a Thor splash and a top Fantastic Four page by Kirby, a Fantastic Four splash by Byrne, Daredevil original art by Miller, Conan by Barry Smith.
A Frankenstein illustration by Wrightson, a Watchmen page by Gibbons, a Hush page by Jim Lee, a Wonder Woman illustration by Adam Hughes.
A Baseball theme Peanuts Sunday, an Uncle Scrooge page by Carl Barks, a TWD page with zombies.
Comiconnect Auction
Very few big pieces between 100’s of uninteresting pieces of paper.
A pretty rare Batman page by Jerry Robinson, a page from Avengers #12 by Don Heck, a Conan page by Barry Smith, a Dracula title splash by Gene Colan, an Inhumans cover by Gil Kane.
A Falcon page by Jack Kirby, an Ulik splash by John Buscema, a Punisher cover by Joe Kubert.
A Cosmic Odyssey page by Mignola, an Ultimate Spidey cover by Bagley, a Cerebus page by Dave Sim.
Daniel Maghen Auctions
Juillard: about 30 pieces from the master, highest estimation for this unused 1993 page, some great illustrations, some Blake & Mortimer.
Bonhomme: about 30 pieces again, all beautiful, look at this Lucky Luke cover, or this illustration, hard to choose one.
Then the usual masterworks, the top piece is this 1939 historic Hergé cover, a top Corto Maltese page, some early Blueberry pages and an illustration, a Moebius page.
See you next week!!
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