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Beautiful Adam Hughes Art! - Original Comic Art Tips #216

November 19 · Issue #216 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #216 of Original Comic Art Tips!
ebay: a Frankensteins splash by Bernie Wrightson went for $7,8k, a Star Wars trading card art by Mike Mayhew for $3k, the Two in One page by Sal Buscema for $1,6k, one by George Perez for $1,5k, the Cinderella strip by Gottfredson for $1,1k, a Snoopy sketch went for a Best Offer lower than $2,6k.
Chris Samnee Batober sketches: #11 went for $1,8 and I’m a little surprised as there were many better ones, in my opinion. My favorite one, #3 went for $1,6k, #9 for a little less, and then #1. The other 12 went from $1,4 down to #700, with a total price paid for all 16 sketches of $16,756,57, not bad. Let’s see the last 15, which are for sale right now.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Green Lantern cover by Dave Gibbons went for $7k, the unfinished Kirby cover for $3k, the Dracula page by Gene Colan for only $1k, an X-Factor splash by Steve Epting for $700. A collector got lucky and took a (late) Terry strip by Caniff for less than $400.
Catawiki Auctions: a page by Blutch went for €2k, a Corto Maltese strip by Pratt for €1,9k, an illustration by Jacovitti for €1,1k, the unfinished Andrea Pazienza page for less than €400.
Very high results for Daniel Maghen Auctions, with many items surpassing the highest price estimate. The Quick et Flupke cover by Hergé went for €125k, the Corto Maltese page by Pratt went for an incredible €96k, the page by Moebius for €42k, while the Blueberry pages more than doubled the estimations, with €26k as the highest price.
Franquin €37k, Rosinski €32k, Gibrat €32k, €9,1k for a Druuna page by Serpieri.
All of the pages by Juillard and Bonhomme went for high prices, the higher for Juillard was €32k for this page, while even sketch pages sold for more than €6k. The higher price paid for Bonhomme was €21k for this Lucky Luke page, all of the beautiful covers were near €20k. The total was €1,7+ million for 136 lots.
Forsythe’s Auctions: this Prince Valiant title panel sold for $3,5k was a very good deal, a trading card painted by Moebius for $1,4k.
Heritage Garfield auction: a 1979 Sunday went for a pretty high $6,6k, the Christmas 1981 daily for $5,8k, the 1-1-79 daily for $3,2k.
The ComicLink auction ended yesterday, give me some time to open again all of the results…

This week on eBay
Chris Samnee - Batman Original Comic Art
Chris Samnee - Batman Original Comic Art
Chris Samnee‘s last 15 Batman sketches: Catwoman kissing Batman is already at $1,6k, #24 is nice, #31 and #26 are getting a lot of clicks, #18 is nice.
Hero Initiative is auctioning a Batman/Catwoman pinup by Cliff Chiang, a Catwoman by Gene Ha and a painted Demon card by Dan Brereton.
An early Green Lantern splash by Travis Charest.
Marvel: early Champions page by Tuska, a nice Master of Kung Fu page by Pollard, another one, a Frankenstein page by Val Mayerik, a Dr. Strange splash by Butch Guice.
A Secret Warriors cover by Tradd Moore, a Punisher cover by Kaare Andrews.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Adam Hughes - Original Comic Art
Adam Hughes - Original Comic Art
Marvel: Sgt Fury by Ayers, Rawhide Kid original art by Kirby, Daredevil and Dr. Strange by Gene Colan, a Spider-Man splash layout by Gil Kane, I like this Hulk page by Al Milgrom, despite what the pencil note says. An X-Men cover recreation by George Perez.
DC: a war page by Joe Kubert, a great Batman page by Matt Wagner, a rare Batman splash by Brian Stelfreeze, Batman Vs. Joker by Kevin Nowlan.
An early page by Lee Bermejo, an Hellblazer page by Sean Murphy, a Flash commission by Darwin Cooke.
Beautiful Ghost/Barb Wire commission by Adam Hughes, an early Madman page, an early Liberty Meadows pinup by Frank Cho, a Hannah Dundee pinup by Mark Schultz.
Several Pogo dailies, a Star Wars daily by Manning, a nice Rusty Riley daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Henk Kuijpers - Franka Original Comic Art
Henk Kuijpers - Franka Original Comic Art
An illustration by Milo Manara, a model sheet by Magnus, Ken Parker by Milazzo, a Tex illustration by Civitelli, Donald Duck by Silvia Ziche, a New Avengers page by Simone Bianchi, a Torpedo pinup by Bernet, Lorna by Azpiri, a sketch by Neil Gaiman, The Tenth by Tony Daniel.
It’s time for another yearly auction of Franka original art by Henk Kuijpers, with many lots: early pages, covers, detailed illustrations, incredibly detailed illustrations and more. Worth looking at them all.
Hergé - Tintin Original Comic Art
Hergé - Tintin Original Comic Art
Nobody expects less than the best for an Artcurial auction. Usually, there’s a single big Tintin piece, this time we have several Hergé originals, from a page with an evaluation of €1M, a widely used illustration, but there are also some relatively low-priced pieces, from single panels to this very nice sketch.
For Asterix, there’s a movie poster (probably not by Uderzo), an illustration, a single panel and a couple of sketches.
Many early Druillet pieces like this page. One of the best Corto Maltese pages I’ve seen in the last few years, a Valerian cover, several Franquin originals like this Gaston strip, a Blueberry portrait by Giraud, a Boule et Bill illustration.
Then top pages by Vance, Franq, Gibrat, Hermann, Will, Sfar.
See you Next Week!
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