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Auctions for everybody! - Original Comic Art Tips #213



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October 30 · Issue #213 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #213 of Original Comic Art Tips! Last week’s issue wasn’t delivered to 120 readers, I probably used words that triggered spam filters (?), here’s a link if you still want to see it, some interesting ComicLink results… By the way, if you miss an issue there’s an archive you can open from the www.comicart.tips website.
eBay: a commission by Frank Cho was sold for $5k, a Destroyer Duck splash by Jack Kirby for $2,250, a vintage Grendel page for $2k, a JLA page by Dick Dillin for $1,5k, a vintage Venom page by Mark Bagley for $1,5k, a Galactus page by Ron Lim was a good deal at $900.
A Deathblow page by Jim Lee went for a Best offer lower than $2k.
Remember that thief trying to pass a regular, ‘90s Spidey splash for Romita original art with a $100k price tag? I thought he fooled somebody by selling for $50k a Romita sketch passing it for cover art, instead he decided $50k was too low and put it for sale again at $100k. I also discovered that he’s trying to pass a Zeck page he bought a month ago for $4,5k for Ditko art with a $150k price, and some more funny auctions.
The highest price of last week in the comic art section was not comic art, but a sketch card caricature of an (unknown to me) youtuber sold for $15k!!
Heritage Weekly Auction: the 2001 adaptation page by Jack Kirby was sold for $7,8k, the Black Panther sketch for $7,2k, a single Rip Kirby panel by Alex Raymond went for an impressive $5k, at the same time a full daily with a similar theme was sold for only $1,7k. A small Tarzan illustration by Hal Foster went for $5k, the Conan pinup by John Buscema for $4,5k, a signed Moebius print for $3,8k.
Catawiki: a Franka illustration by Kuijpers was sold for €1,4k, a painted sketch by Bastien Vivès for €850, a Prince Valiant illustration by Sanjulian for €800, the page by Crisse for €650, the Zagor page by Ferri for €430.
Heritage Ed Asner Charity Auction: an incredible price, $15,6k for this Elfquest sketch by Wendy Pini, earlier this year several similar (a bit less polished maybe) sketches were sold for $1,5/$3k. The Beta Ray Bill pinup by Walt Simonson went for $9k. Again, people who signed up for a $2k commission in June 2020 got a very good deal.
$3,1k for the Adam Hughes illustration, $1,7k for a Gabriel Hardman Spidey commission, a crazy $1,3k for an Hellboy sketch by Mike Mignola, $1k for a Black Widow commission by Dan Panosian.
PBA Auctions: a Green Lantern splash by Mike Grell went for $4,5k, a nice Conan half-splash by John Buscema for less than $1k. Remember the weird high prices reached by swimsuit Betty & Veronica covers by Dan De Carlo? Fans had a lot of low-priced pieces to bid on, like this cover sold for $400.

This week on eBay
Michael Turner - Fathom Original Comic Art
Michael Turner - Fathom Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Conan splash by John Buscema, an Iron-Man splash and a Namor page by Gene Colan, a Red Sonja page by Frank Thorne, Shang-Chi by Gulacy, a Warlock page by Ron Lim.
A nice Magneto sketch by Jim Lee, a Captain America cover by J. Scott Campbell, a Hulk splash by Romita Jr., a Spider-Man page by Jim Cheung, a Captain America commission by Steve Epting.
DC: a Wonder Woman page by Don Heck, a Batman page by Gene Colan, Superman art and Green Lantern by John Byrne, a Demon cover and many nice Batman pages by Gary Frank, here’s the best one.
A Fathom splash by Michael Turner, a Grendel splash by Matt Wagner, a Prime splash by Norm Breyfogle.
Heritage Weekly Auction
NCS Charity Auction special: Dumbo and Superheroes + MAD Characters illustrations by Sergio Aragones, a Zits Sunday, a Dick Tracy pinup by Chaykin, a Garfield drawing by Jim Davis, Cathy, a Mutts daily, a Captain America illustration by Eric Powell, an illustration by Mark Schultz, Ann Telnaes, a Sandman pinup by Kelley Jones.
Catawiki Auctions
Ticci - Tex Original Illustration
Ticci - Tex Original Illustration
A Mickey Mouse strip by Gottfredson, a Fantastic Four page by Paul Ryan, a Black Panther page by Sal Velluto.
Sibylline by Macherot, a Tif et Tondu illustration by Blutch, a cover by Crisse.
A Tex illustration by Ticci, Dylan Dog by Micheluzzi, a Nick Raider cover prelim by Mastantuono, a Clara pinup by Bernet.
Hake's Auction
Another top 1931 Mickey Mouse daily by Floyd Gottfredson, one from 1930, a third one, a 1964 Peanuts daily, a Mephisto page by John Buscema, 1989 Sandman art for a flyer by Mike Dringenberg, a 1933 Felix Sunday, a Dr. Doom page by John Byrne.
A Cosmic Odyssey splash by Mike Mignola, a Batman cover by J.G. Jones, a Batman and Me sketched book by “Bob Kane”, a 1957 title page by Al Williamson.
Little Nemo Auctions
Great illustration by Sergio Toppi, a rare Maser page by Frezzato, an incredible double page by Jacovitti, an illustration by Manara, a classic page by Pazienza, a page from Fun by Bacilieri, a Spider-Man page by Dell'Otto.
A Voodoo Child page by Sienkiewicz, a great Popeye sketch by Segar, sold last February on HA, a Jungle Jim topper by Alex Raymond, a top Bringing Up Father Sunday.
See you next week!!
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