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Alex Ross, Ditko, Hildebrandt Bros! Original Comic Art Tips #194

June 18 · Issue #194 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #194 of Original Comic Art Tips! Another long update with many auctions.
Original comic art auction results:
eBay: we start with a mad price, $23k for a Micronauts cover by Bob Layton. Then a Hulk page by Herb Trimpe was sold for $5k, a Cavewoman splash by Budd Root for $3k, a Fantastic Four page by John Buscema for $3,3k, the Silver Surfer splash by Tom Grindberg for $2,5k, a Grimjack cover by Tim Truman for $2,1k, a Scout cover for $1,8k.
A Preacher page went for $2k, a Batman commission by Gary Frank for $2k, a Harley sketch by Bruce Timm for $1,2k, the Hate cover by Peter Bagge for $1,7k.
I can’t tell you Best Offer prices anymore (and I’m not happy), so I’ll group them all here: a painting by Bernie Wrightson went for less than $3k, a painted cover by Jusko for $2,5k, a Namor page by Don Heck for $2k, a nice Dracula page by Gene Colan for $1,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: incredible record price for Paul Smith X-Men original art, $26k for this page. Consider that the HA record was made in 2016 by a cover sold for $27k.
The X-Men page by John Romita Jr went for $7,5k, impressive for a quiet page. The 33 sketch lot went for $6,6k, not much if you consider the Snoopy sketch and two 100% real (and therefore very rare) Bob Kane sketches.
A Leia corner box original (described as unpublished) by Cynthia Martin went for $4,4k.
A Ditko page for $1k is good, a Buscema/Nowlan page for under $500 is better, a funny Garfield daily went for $400.
Catawiki: many high results. The Druuna page by Serpieri went for €4k, a page by Pratt for €2,8k, a Corto Maltese strip for €1,7k, the Gesebel cover by Corteggi for €2k, the illustration by Toppi for €1,8k, the page from S. by Gipi for €1k, the Ranxerox pinup by Liberatore for €1k, the Kingpin page by Dell'Otto for €750 and a Mickey Mouse page by Cavazzano for €700.
A Natacha cover by Walthery went for €6k and a sketch by Quino for €900.
Daniel Maghen: many very high prices, all of the pieces by Gibrat went for more than €20k, with a cover sold for €130k, a panel page for almost €100k, and many others sold for more than $50k.
The Tintin illustration was sold for €150k, the Franquin Marsupilami for €100k. The Asterix DPS by Uderzo can be considered a steal at “only” €86k, the other page went for €47k. Then Rosinski for €40k, Giraud for €25k, Vance €20k, Guarnido €8k.
Of the many Jazz Maynard pieces by Roger, the highest price was paid for this cover sold for €12k.

This week on eBay
Bill Everett - Namor Original Art
Bill Everett - Namor Original Art
Another change for eBay. They’re not showing anymore the sections “from the same seller” and “people are watching”, so there’s less possibility of finding overlooked auctions. The problem is also for sellers since they’re only showing sponsored auctions, now.
Marvel: do you like Namor? Because we have pages by Bill Everett (one, two), Ross Andru, John Byrne and Geof Isherwood.
The Sub-Mariner is in this Fantastic Four page by John Buscema, by JB there’s also a Conan page, and a nice prelim.
An Avengers page by Don Heck, sadly ruined by somebody playing with markers, Silver Surfer and Galactus by Ron Lim, Captain America by Jae Lee and a great Thor cover by Alan Davis.
DC: a Superman page by John Byrne and one by Curt Swan. The Jim Lee Batman bust is on sale again, I don’t know why nobody is buying it.
An Invincible page by Ryan Ottley.
Heritage Weekly Auction (now on Wednesday!)
I always have a hard time finding press releases on Heritage’s website, this time I stopped searching after 10 minutes. It seems that the Original Art Auction was moved to Wednesday, and the Sunday/Monday auction will only offer comic books.
A Silver Surfer page by Ron Lim, a full-figure Wolverine by Brian Bolland, a Nightcrawler commission by Dave Cockrum, Spider-Man by Ed Hannigan.
A Superman page by Jim Starlin, a rare Superman commission by Curt Swan, a Shadow page by Kyle Baker.
A Fafhrd page by Mike Mignola and some strips: a funny Beetle Bailey, Green Berets by Joe Kubert, a Juliet Jones daily, a funny Tall Tales Sunday by Jaffee.
Catawiki Auctions
Alex Ross - Marvels Original Art
Alex Ross - Marvels Original Art
An illustration by Crepax, Necron by Magnus, a Disney page by Romano Scarpa, a Nathan Never cover prelim by Castellini, a Spider-Man sketch by Giuseppe Camuncoli, a Vampirella sketch by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
A Marvels page by Alex Ross, an Avengers page by Mike Deodato, a nice page by Aouamri, one by Crisse.
ComicConnect auctions
Steve Ditko - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Steve Ditko - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Spider-Man original art by John Romita: one, two. An incredible Ditko Spidey page, top Iron-Man and Daredevil pages by Gene Colan, Iron-Man by Tuska, Fantastic Four art by Jack Kirby, Thor by John Buscema.
A Wolverine page by John Byrne, Batman by Don Newton, X-Men by Bob McLeod.
A Moon Knight splash by Stephen Platt, a Captain America cover by Alex Ross, a Spider-Man splash by Chris Bachalo, Black Orchid by Dave McKean, a Goon page by Eric Powell.
Don’t forget the two Rarebit Fiend strips (one, two) by Winsor McKay.
Heritage Animation Auction
A few comics-related pieces hidden in this auction. What is a 1951 TOP Peanuts daily doing in here? There’s also a Schroeder sketch.
Two 1994 Marvel Masterpieces card paintings by the Hildebrandt Bros, Wolverine and Spider-Man. There’s also a Space Ghost animation drawing attributed to Alex Toth, not so sure about it.
Nice auction, the highlights are a Tintin pinup and an illustration by Hergé, a series of illustrations by Hergé Studios, two relatively low priced illustrations by Moebius (one, two), a Lucky Luke illustration credited to Morris, a big Gaston sketch by Franquin, some pages by Macherot.
Then Tardi, Boucq, Le Gall, Manara, Martin and many more.
Swann Auction Galleries
Mostly illustrations, I’m highlighting only comics-related pieces, but go look at the great art.
Top Peanuts strips, one, two, some early Felix the Cat Sunday strips, a 1958 Pogo Sunday, a Juliet Jones Sunday, a great Family Circus Sunday, a Beetle Bailey Sunday.
Hagar, B.C., Gasoline Alley dailies, a funny Charles Addams cartoon, one by Jack Cole, a Tintin sketch by Hergé.
Some great color illustrations by Jack Davis, MAD cover prelims by Norman Mingo.
See you next week!!
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