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A sketch by Miyazaki! - Original Comic Art Tips #218

December 3 · Issue #218 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #218 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the Secret Warriors cover by Tradd Moore, was sold for $7,3k. I never heard of this Marvel comic before, its cover, by Matt Broome, went for $3,5k. The Infinity Inc page by Todd McFarlane went for $2,3k, the She-Hulk page by John Byrne for almost $2k.
A very nice JLA page by Kevin Maguire went for $1,5k, the Heroes Reborn cover by Ed McGuinness for $1,8k, a SCUD cover by Rob Schrab for $1,6k, a GenX page by Chris Bachalo for $800. A Gwen Stacy sketch cover by Alex Ross for $2,2k.
Last week I forgot to do a recap of the Batman/Batober sketches drawn and sold by Chris Samnee. 32 pieces sold, for a total price paid of $36,454,33. 16 of these sketches went over $1k, with the top 3 being #11 ($1,785), #26 ($1,775) and #19 ($1,736).
Heritage Sunday Auction: the page from the first issue of Nexus by Steve Rude was sold for $8,4k, Shang-Chi by Paul Gulacy for $4,3k, the Hulk page by Sal Buscema for $3,8k, X-Factor by Joe Quesada $3,1k.
A lot of two Rip Kirby strips by Raymond from 1948 (including January 1st) went for a pretty high $5,2k, another lot with a great daily and one from 25/12/1947 went for a low $2,5k.
I can see why this Curt Swan page, with Superman telling his story, went for $2,3k, I don’t know why this Superboy page went for $4,6k…
Catawiki: the Morris portrait by Moebius went for €3,4k, a Pif page by Gotlib for €3,2k, the two Pilote covers by Tabary for €3k, a Batman splash by Carlos Ezquerra for €1k, a Scorpion pinup by Marini for €550, the unfinished page by Pazienza for almost €400.
Artcurial: the Tintin illustration by Hergé went for €573k, an interior page for €200k while 2 panels went for €12k. The Asterix movie poster not drawn by Uderzo still went for €101k, the Asterix illustration for €78k, a single panel for €17k, an Obelix sketch for €2,3k.
The Corto page by Pratt was sold for €52k, a quick sketch for €5k, an illustration by Roba for €32k, a Valerian cover for €31k, a Gaston page by Franquin for €23k.
Urania Aste: the Spider-Man page by Erik Larsen remained in line with 2021 prices at €26k, the cover by Guido Crepax for €18k, Pinocchio & Asterix by Uderzo went for €9k, the Invaders splash by Frank Robbins for €8,2k, the Topolino cover by Rubino for €5,8k.
The page by Don Rosa went for €5,4k, the Tex strip by Magnus for €3,4k, the Corto Maltese sketch by Pratt for €1,6k.
The Max Fridman cover by Giardino went for “only” €5,4k, let’s take a note for the Pinocchio by Mordillo sold for €2,3k.
Cavazzano: the Ok Quack Model Sheet was the highest price at €3,2k, Capitan Rogers for €2,9k, all of the Disney pages from the ‘80s went for high prices, the highest for this half-splash, €1,8k.
A quick Spidey sketch by John Romita went for a surprising €1k, a Spectacular Spidey page by Sal Buscema for €1k.
A Gaston page by Franquin at Cornette de Saint Cyr went for €115k.

This week on eBay
Mark Bagley - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Mark Bagley - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Marvel: a vintage Spider-Man title splash by Mark Bagley, a Ms Marvel page by Sal Buscema, an Iron-Man page by Luke McDonnell, a Fixit page by Marshall Rogers, an Iron-Man sketch by Gene Colan, the Falcon by Kirby, a Wolverine commission by Jim Lee (with a high starting price).
DC: Wonder Woman & Black Canary by Don Heck, Infinity Inc. by Todd McFarlane, a splash page of the Spirit by J.P. Leon, I like a lot this Warlord splash by Mike Grell and also this JSA page by Barry Kitson.
A Batman cover prelim by Bernie Wrightson, a Superman sketch card for Hero Initiative by Dan Jurgens, a Batman sketch by Bernet.
Original Madman action figure card art by Allred, a Hellboy sketch by Mignola, detailed Sandman sketches by P. Craig Russell.
Heritage Weekly Auction
A page from the New Fantastic Four by Art Adams, a Western page by Jack Kirby, a Batman page and a Warlord page by Mike Grell, a Batman commission by Andy Kubert, Phantom Stranger by Mignola.
An early Madman page by Allred, a Tarzan illustration by Russ Manning.
Catawiki Auctions
Hermann - Jeremiah Original Art
Hermann - Jeremiah Original Art
A Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt, a nice Jeremiah illustration by Hermann, a detailed page by Crisse, a Long John sketch by Lauffray.
A Torpedo pinup by Bernet, look at this Spirit homage by Daniel Torres, a Swamp Thing page by Breccia, a page prelim by Will Eisner, a sketch by Gipi.
Heritage Animation Art Signature Auction
Yes, the title is “Animation Art” but I will show you almost zero pieces that have to do with animation… I lost an hour of my life to scan 30 pages of animation cels, searching for a few comic art pieces, and I found a lot of gold.
The most interesting lots are the shikishi and sketches by manga artists. Usually worth thousands, most of them were overlooked for now (with a week left…). Let’s see if this will make the prices go higher.
An incredibly rare Nausicaa shikishi by Hayao Miyazaki, Trigun by Nightow, Gunbuster by Haruhiko Mikimoto, Vampire Hunter D by Amano, a Cub illustration by Goseki Kojima.
A shikishi by Kenichi Sonoda, a published Gall Force illustration drawn by animators and signed by Sonoda, a published Wanna Be’s illustration again drawn by animators and signed by Sonoda.
For non-japanese pieces prices are already high, Vampirella and Dejah Thoris drawings by Frank Frazetta, a Shroeder and Lucy Peanuts daily, a baseball-themed Peanuts daily, a Snoopy sketch, a 1986 Space Ghost and Nexus pinup by Steve Rude, a Yogi Bear Sunday.
Misc. Auctions
Look at this cover by Alex Alice, a page by Bilal, a Yakari splash by Derib, a Largo Winch cover by Francq. An illustration by Toppi, a Ticonderoga page by Pratt.
Nate Sanders
A Peanuts daily.
A Gaston by Franquin, Kelly Green by Stan Drake, a detailed page by Crisse.
See you next week!!
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