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A Peanuts daily for $5k... - Original Comic Art Tips #220

December 18 · Issue #220 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #220 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the She-Hulk page by John Byrne went for $7,9k, a TMNT cover by Stan Yak for $4k, a Love & Rockets page by Gilbert for $1,5k, a Morbius page by Redondo for $1,4k, the highest price for this week’s batch of Infinity Inc. pages by McFarlane was $1,3k.
A TMNT illustration by Peter Laird went for a Best Offer lower than $10k, the color art by Paul Mounts for a Magneto trading card went for less than $4k, several brand new Jim Lee sketch covers were sold, this one went for almost $1,4k, a Sgt. Rock page by Joe Kubert for $800.
Heritage Weekly Auction: Legion by Cockrum and Avengers by Milgrom sold for $3,3k, Batman by Grell for $3,1k, a 1931 Wash Tubbs daily by Crane for $2,9k.
Heritage Animation Auction: funny that the top prices in this kind of auction have nothing to do with animation, a Vampirella drawing by Frank Frazetta went for an incredibly high (and crazy, if you ask me) $144k, a Dejah Thoris for $66k, a Peanuts daily for $44k, the Nausicaa sketch by Miyazaki for $31k.
high and low prices for the other manga artists’ sketches, $2,1k for Nightow, $1,8k for Mikimoto, $1k for Amano, $550 for Sonoda.
Catawiki: the Uncle Sam page by Alex Ross went for €2,2k, a Tintin sketch by Hergé for €2,2k, an Obelix sketch by Uderzo for €1,1k, a sketch by Yves Chaland for €900, the rare Steampunk page by Chris Bachalo for €1k, a Blueberry by Giraud for €450, a Conan splash by Ernie Chan for €500, a Tex page by Claudio Villa for €500.
Comiclink: the $264k record price for Barry Smith smashed, with the Weapon X cover sold for $320k, the Conan cover instead, went for a relatively low $89k, with the latest sales going to $150k. Incredible $66k record for the Batman TPB cover by Tim Sale, $38k for this Daredevil splash by Frank Miller went near the $40k record, $52k for the X-Men lito art by Alex Ross, $130k for the Spidey cover by McFarlane, $100k for the Kirby/Ditko Spidey page, $42k for the X-Men cover triptych by J. Scott Campbell.
Comiconnect: an Inhumans cover by Gil Kane went for a very high $90k, a Conan page by Barry Smith for $12k, the Batman page by Jerry Robinson for $25k, an early Iron-Man page by Don Heck for $11k, a Falcon page by Kirby for $6k, a Sandman page by Mike Allred for $4k.
A Dracula splash by Gene Colan went for only $4,1k, still very low prices for Dr. Strange pages by Geof Isherwood, with several pages sold for under $400.
Millon: with a total sale price of €600k, the top price of €80k was paid for this Gaston page by Franquin, a very high €50k for this panel by Sempé, €27k for this Blueberry page by Giraud.
Look: a tiny single panel by Hergé with Tintin’s back still went for €6k, another one with only a pair of legs for €3k…
Swann Auctions: the Krazy Kat Sunday went for $38k, another one for $20k, a 1986 Peanuts daily for $22k, a Felix Sunday by Messmer for $9,5k, a Charles Addams cartoon for $10k.

This week on eBay
Jim Lee - Original Batman Sketch
Jim Lee - Original Batman Sketch
DC: the most watched auction, this week is this very detailed Batman sketch by Jim Lee, still at a very low price. Much less detailed, but CGC certified, this Wolverine sketch is going higher for now. I find it funny.
An Infinity Inc. page by Todd, World’s Finest by Buckler, Flash by Brett Booth.
Marvel: Kull by Buscema, Star Wars by Gene Day, Storm by Perez, a Spider-Man page by Ramos, a Daredevil commission by Dan Mora.
A Punisher splash and a Fantastic Four page by Buscema, Thor by Pollard, a Black Cat page by Greg Land, a Spidey commission by Dave Johnson.
Have you seen this Peanuts daily?
A Penny Century title page by Jaime, a 1995 Scud pinup by Schrab, two prelims by Wrightson, a page by Jack Davis, a Hagar Sunday by Dik Browne.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jon Bogdanove - Superman Original Comic Art
Jon Bogdanove - Superman Original Comic Art
DC: a 1995 Superman cover by Jon Bogdanove, a Superman cover by Doug Mahnke, Fourth World by Byrne, Batman by John Calnan and Mike Grell.
Hellblazer by Sean Murphy, Teen Titans original art by George Perez, a Joker pinup by Marshall Rogers, Superman by Jim Starlin.
Marvel: a Spider-Girl cover, a Thor page and a Thunderstrike page by Ron Frenz, Secret Wars by Milgrom.
Early Madman by Allred, a 1974 unfinished page by Bernie Wrightson.
Catawiki Auctions
Some nice, published Thor prelims by Esad Ribic, a Punisher page by Bill Reinhold, a page prelim by Will Eisner, some paintings by Thierry Girod, a Capitan Erik page by Micheluzzi, a Milady panel prelim by Magnus.
Septimus Auction
A cover by Seron is the top piece, some Lambil pages, several very detailed Rosinski sketches, a top page by Manara, Walthéry, Boucq.
Many very nice Dany illustrations, Blake et Mortimer by Juillard, Turk, Barbucci.
Clars Auctions
A Peanuts daily is ending on Sunday and still at $5k.
See you next week!!
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