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A lot of Joe Kubert pages! - Original Comic Art Tips #208



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September 25 · Issue #208 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #208 of Original Comic Art Tips! Last week’s newsletter wasn’t delivered to 90 readers, it was an interesting issue here’s a link.
Auction Results:
eBay: Red Sonja pages by John Buscema are always in demand, look at this one sold for $7,6k. Buscema again with an Avengers page sold for $6,6k, the Silver Surfer page by Sal went for almost $5k, a Captain America page for $1,7k.
A DC Girls painting by Chrissie Zullo went for $3k, a Star Wars page by Daniel Warren Johnson for $2k, a Wolverine commission by Chris Bachalo went too high at $2k, a Hulk cover sketch by John Romita for $2k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Legion page by Dave Cockrum was sold for $5,5k, a 1972 Batman cover prelim by Kaluta for $5,2k. Really high for a prelim. A Daredevil page by Bob Brown for $4,8k.
The Mutts daily went for $3,8k, the Cul de Sac Sunday for $2,9k, the Zits Sunday for a pretty high $1,2k. The Usagi illustration by Sakai for $3,6, a Strangers in Paradise illustration by Terry Moore for $2,9k.
Catawiki: a Bois Maury page by Hermann went for €6k, a Durango cover by Girod for €1,4k, a page for €1k, the page by Magnus for €800.

This week on eBay
Mike Zeck - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Mike Zeck - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Charity: Manhunter and a Darth Vader sketches by Walt Simonson (both inside an Artist’s Edition), some big sketches by Luke McDonnell, some by Joe Staton.
Hero Initiative is selling a Preacher sketch by Steve Dillon.
Marvel: a Spider-Man page by Mike Zeck, an early X-Factor page by Keith Pollard, Indiana Jones by John Byrne, Conan by Buscema.
A Star Trek DPS by Ron Randall, a pretty cool 1984 Rocket Raccoon sketch by Mike Mignola, X-Men by Alan Davis, Wolverine by Dave Hoover ending soon.
DC: A Batman page by Tuska, a Cosmic Odissey by Mike Mignola, Sword of Sorcery by Chaykin/Adams.
A Flash Gordon sketch by Al Williamson, a Tarzan illustration and a Fantasy illustration by Charles Vess, a Grendel half splash by Wagner.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Bill Sienkiewicz - Moon Knight Original Comic Art
Bill Sienkiewicz - Moon Knight Original Comic Art
Dr. Strange by Brunner, Namor by Colan, Iron-Man by Tuska, Cap. Marvel by Wayne Boring, New-Mutants by John Byrne and a 1980 Moon Knight pinup by Sienk.
A Spidey page by Milgrom with lots of characters. A Sandman page by Kirby, World’s Finest by Dillin.
A quick but very nice Moebius sketch, look at this great Ben Casey daily by Neal Adams.
Catawiki Auctions
Milo Manara - El Gaucho Original Comic Art
Milo Manara - El Gaucho Original Comic Art
Really a great week! Two pages of Gaston page prelims by Franquin, an ornate page by Gal from Metal Hurlant #1, a Belloy page by Uderzo, a Lucky Luke poster by Morris, Derib, XIII by Vance, a Durango illustration by Girod.
Very nice page from El Gaucho by Manara, a strip from Giuseppe Bergman, two Corto Maltese strips by Manara and a third one, a page by Gipi, Lo Sconosciuto and I Briganti by Magnus, Dino Battaglia.
A Tarzan page by Sal Buscema, a Tarzan cover painted by Mike Grell, Avengers by Simone Bianchi, a Spirit sketch by Eisner.
Weiss Auctions
The best Joe Kubert covers in Weiss’ hands are all gone by now, but they still have many great interior pages, like this Unknown Soldier DPS, rare Batman art, Sgt. Rock title pages, a splash and two complete Punisher issues.
Peanuts strips (one, two), a Dragon Lady strip by Caniff, some top Russ Heath pages, some by Kinstler.
Many Golden Age complete stories as usual, this one stands out for quality, probably because the splash seems signed by Dan Barry.
Heritage International Signature Auction part 2 of 2
The best pieces were in the first half of the catalog… A Conan page by John Buscema, Starman by Ditko, Excalibur by Alan Davis, a Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet Doomsday Clock original art by Gary Frank and a Harley page by Matteo Scalera.
Based on recent sales, this Spawn and Shadowhawk splash by Jim Valentino should go for a very high price.
This Thor page by Ron Frenz was offered every week on eBay until a couple of months ago and always went unsold, weird to find it again (and so soon) into a top auction.
1943 Mickey daily by Gottfredson, a nice illustration by Moebius.
Nate Sanders Auctions
A top 1953 Peanuts daily, a poster-sized Charlie Brown sketch, a Christmas 1916 Buster Brown Sunday.
Some high end classic pages: Comanche by Hermann, Thorgal by Rosinski, XIII by Vance, Lambil, Tabary, Tillieux, Le Gall.
A very nice Gaston pinup by Franquin, a cover by Dany.
See you next week!!
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