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🔬🙀 A Look at 8 Different Auctions! - Original Comic Art Tips #263

October 14 · Issue #263 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #263 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: $6,5k for the Spider-Man page by Mark Bagley, $3,4k for the Sgt. Rock DPS by Russ Heath, $3,3k for the early Mage page by Wagner, $3,5k for the Fantastic Four page by Buscema, $2,8k for the Spidey page by Ross Andru, $2,5k for a TMNT movie adaptation page.
$3,7k (Best Offer) for a 1960 DC page by Sekowsky, a Tank Girl page by Jaime Hewlett sold last week for $2k (which was a good deal) now for sale again for $9k (which is too much).
$1,8k for a nice Conan page by John Buscema, $2,5k for a Cyberfrog splash by VanSciver, $2,5k for a title page by Grandenetti/Wood, a sketched Kim Jung Gi book for $1k (BO).
Somebody paid $4k for a Sandman page prelim by Kristiansen, I wonder if they thought they were buying the published page.
Somebody is buying all of the (usually very cheap) Sonic pages available for high prices, this one for $1k.
After last week’s newsletter I received a lot of messages (thanks!) informing me that the Carlos Pacheco cover was probably a copy, as revealed by the original inker. Zooming in it’s not very clear, I don’t see pencil marks or whiteout, so it probably is a vintage copy that was sold for $2,7k. I hope the buyer is able to recognize an original piece from a copy with the paper in hand.
Heritage Weekly Auction: $23k for the Love & Rockets page by Jaime Hernandez, $9k for the Hulk page and $3k for the Captain America page by Sal Buscema, $6,6k for the Hulk page by Keown, $5,5k for the Spidey page by Byrne, $3,8k for a Crow cover by Alex Maleev.
$3,3k for the X-Men #130 color guides, $1,5k for the Amazing Spidey #88 cover color guide, a little less for the production print for the Hulk #180 cover.
Catawiki: a Corto strip by Hugo Pratt went for €2,5k, a pinup by Rojo for €600, a Asso di Picche page by Gimenez for €500.
Comiclink Auction: $10k for the Daredevil page by JRJR, $7,5k for the X-Men page by Andy Kubert, $6,5k for the Phoenix cover by J. Scott Campbell, $6,5k is not a bad deal on an X-Factor page by Simonson.
Last week I told you to keep an eye on the Bruce Timm pieces, the last Batman headsketches posted on Moy’s website had a $1,8k price tag, well this one instead went for $800, the Harley sketch for $750, instead of $1,250, while a full figure Batman went for $2,6k.
Exactly the opposite happens for Art Adams commissions, they were at $1,5k last week, this Magneto went for $2k and this Poison Ivy for $1,9k.
Some unexplainably high prices, like this Al Rio pinup sold for $2,5k, a Cyberforce page by David Finch for $2k, a Gen13 page by Gary Frank for $2k. I don’t want to believe these went high for the half naked superheroines… maybe second tier Image pages are growing?
Time for the thousand low priced pieces, the most interesting were a Hulk transformation page by Ron Wilson for $800, a DC Trinity pinup by Ivan Reis for $750, an Avengers DPS by Leinil Yu for $700, Y pages by Pia Guerra for $700 and $500, a DC cover by Riley Rossmo for $500, the Demon by Byrne for $500, Spidey by Simone Bianchi for $500.
Two Teen Titans pages by George Perez sold at MyComicShop, $2,3k and $1,7k.
A Gaston page by Franquin for €38k and an Asterix sketch by Uderzo for €3,5k at Fauve.

This week on eBay
Ron Frenz - Thor Original Comic Art
Ron Frenz - Thor Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Star Wars page by Infantino, Thor by Frenz/Sinnott, Fantastic Four by Pollard/Sinnott, a Werewolf page by Virgilio Redondo.
A Wolverine page (inks over bluelines or not?) by Alan Davis, a Fantastic Four cover by Pasqual Ferry.
DC: a Flash page by Greg LaRocque, some Batman sketches by Neal Adams, a Harley page by Risso, cheap Hellblazer page by Steve Dillon.
Some girl sketches by Bruce Timm, a Black Cat page by Lee Elias, a Red Sonja cover by Celina, a 200AD page by Ezquerra, a Dawn commission by Linsner, a Yoda commission by Daniel Warren Johnson.
Top Juliet Jones Sunday page by Stan Drake, a Terry Sunday by Wunder, a 1944 Bringing Up Father daily, a panel by Opper, a B.C. daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
David Mazzucchelli - Batman Original Comic Art
David Mazzucchelli - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: Spider-Man original art by John Byrne, Hulk, Hulk 2, Captain America and Two in One by Sal Buscema, Iron-Man by Tuska.
Nice Apes page by Ploog, Captain Marvel by Pat Broderick, Team Up by Bob Hall, Invaders by Robbins, nice Hulk page by Trimpe, a Wolverine commission by Neal Adams.
DC: a war splash by Joe Kubert, Superman by Boring, JLA by Dillin, Forever People and Jimmy Olsen by Kirby, Flash by LaRocque, a Batman splash by Scott McDaniel, a Batman sketch by Mazzucchelli.
A 1978 Dredd page by Gibson, a rare Dreadstar page by Starlin, some MAD marginals by Aragones, Tomb Raider by Jusko.
Some great Terry dailies, this week, a funny Pearls Sunday by Pastis.
Catawiki Auctions
Patrizio Evangelisti - Original Painting
Patrizio Evangelisti - Original Painting
A Donald Duck painting prelim and his nephews by Barks, a Margot page by Frezzato, look at this illustration by Evangelisti, Colombo by Manara, Bob 84 by Bacilieri, a page by Breccia, Dupuy&Berberian, a Wonder Woman sketch by Frank Cho.
Heritage Ed Asner Charity Auction
The usual mix of published pieces and illustrations done for this auction.
An X-Men cover by Adam Hughes, a new Hellboy illustration by Mignola and a Thor pinup by Walt Simonson, a Two in One cover by Philip Tan, a Hellblazer cover by Declan Shalvey, Gabriel Hardman, Ryan Sook, Lee Weeks.
Heritage Coming Out in Comics Auction
Many nice pieces to see here, a Wonder Woman cover by John Byrne, a Green Arrow cover by Tim Sale, some Jungle Jim pages by Jeff Jones, a Catwoman illustration by Chris Samnee, some Love & Rockets pages by Jaime.
A Wonder Woman splash by Nicola Scott, a Psylocke commission by Art Adams, some nice Batman/Batwoman pages by Ivan Reis, a rare 1991 sketch by Joe Mad.
Heritage Harlan Ellison Collection
I wasn’t expecting so much comic art in this auction, Harlan was a real collector, there are less covers and pages for Ellison written books and comics than classic DC/Marvel pieces. Maybe some pieces will go lower than market value for being buried inside a science fiction auction.
We start with three Watchmen pages, look at this one. Some very rare to find JLI pages and a cover by Kevin Maguire, look at this Swamp Thing page by Wrightson, a Doom Patrol cover by Byrne, a great Fantastic Four page by Kirby, three Wolverine pages by Frank Miller, a Dr. Strange cover by Sam Kieth, and really MANY more.
Urania Aste part 2 of 2
A page from Dylan Dog #1 by Stano, a Nathan Never title page by Nicola Mari, a Julia cover by Laura Zuccheri, Valentina by Crepax, Ken Parker by Milazzo, a page by Manara, I really like this Clara illustration by Bernet.
A Batman page by Tim Sale, Hulk by Sal Buscema, Superfriends by Ramona Fradon. A Prince Valiant panel by Foster, an X-9 daily by Raymond, a 1936 Blondie Sunday, a Terry daily.
Weiss Auctions
A Peanuts Sunday and a daily. A John Carter illustration by Frazetta, a Batman splash by Moldoff. Vintage Spidey pages by Bagley and Buscema, a Warren page by Wood.
Many lots from the Joe Kubert estate, with covers and strips, I like this cover, this one and this one.
See you next week!!
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