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A Dragonball doodle sold for $33k - Original Comic Art Tips #206

September 10 · Issue #206 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #206 of Original Comic Art Tips! Today I discovered a new trick. eBay auction pages expire 90 days after they close, when you click on an old link you get the “Sorry, we looked everywhere” message. Well, on my phone I was able to open a link from April (I was researching the Romita sketch I’m talking about in the Heritage section).
If you’re reading this from mobile, would you click on this link and tell me if it also works for you? If you see a Romita Spidey, I’ll go open older links to see how far I can get…
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Daredevil page by Bob Brown went for a pretty high $1,9k, the Gen13 illustration by Joe Chiodo for $1,7k, a Fantastic Four page by Keith Pollard for $1,6k, a Legion page by Win Mortimer for $1,5k.
When the remarqued Hellboy Artist’s Edition was published, I snobbed it because sketches seemed too quick. I should’ve bought five copies since they’re selling for $1k just after a few years.
The Batman page by John Byrne went for $900 just for a tiny Batman talking head, the World’s Finest page by Rich Buckler full of great Batman panels went for the same money. The Hulk page by Sal Buscema for $800.
A Rhino Sketchagraph by John Romita was sold for a low $400, other good deals were the Superman page by Jurgens/Nowlan sold for $500 and a great Wonder Woman page by Don Heck for $450.
Best Offers: a Grendel cover painted by JK Snyder went for less than $4,5k, a Shang-Chi page by Pollard for $1,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: I thought about bidding on the Wonder Woman Style Guide illustration by Garcia-Lopez, but it very quickly went over my possibilities, ending at $19k, the Batman one went for $7k, a very small Teen Titans pinup by Perez for $3k, a Golden Age page by Charlie Sultan for $1,8k, Sexy Veronica pinups by Dan De Carlo are always in demand between ex-kids, $1,5k.
I’d like to know a Christmas day strips collector, the Garfield daily went for almost $3k, this Neal Adams Ben Casey was instead a good deal at $700.
I don’t know why this Action Figure design by Bart Sears made $1,5k…
How many times did I tell you already that Dazzler original art is growing quickly?
Catawiki: the rare Max Fridman cover by Giardino was sold for €2,5k, the 1958 Suske & Wiske page by Willy Vandersteen for €4,3k, the Brendon cover by Roi for €330. That weird Jim Lee sketch was still able to make more than $400.
I follow the Japanese Mandarake auctions (and save screenshot archives) but seldom post links here. Last week they had two incredible sales: a quick Goku (Dragonball) sketch by Akira Toriyama was sold for $33k (!!!), then a quick Doraemon sketch was sold for $23k.

This week on eBay
Gil Kane - Batman Original Comic Art
Gil Kane - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: a very good Excalibur page by Alan Davis, Human Torch by John Byrne, ROM by Sal Buscema, Fantastic Four 2099 by Rick Leonardi, Ghost Rider/Punisher by Saltares/Texeira.
A Green Goblin Sketchagraph by John Romita, a Moon Knight page by Sal Velluto, a Spidey sketch by Joe Sinnott, Peter Parker and MJ by Mike Zeck.
DC: the best piece of the week is this Batman Vs. Batgirl page by Gil Kane, Superman and Wonder Woman by Curt Swan, Tomahawk by Frank Thorne.
Infinity INC by Jerry Ordway, Batman/Superman by J.G. Jones, a Batman commission by Skottie Young, a Batman/Catwoman commission by Dave Johnson.
A Spawn splash by Angel Medina, a Dick Tracy sketch by Chester Gould.
Heritage Weekly Auction
John Romita - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
John Romita - Spider-Man Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Daredevil page by Gene Colan, Red Sonja by Frank Thorne, Defenders by Don Perlin, Thor by Keith Pollard.
I like this G.I. Joe page by McFarlane, keep an eye on this Venom page by Ron Lim, a Wolverine commission by Art Adams, an X-Men pinup by Jeff Matsuda, X-Men original art by Alan Davis.
John Romita officially went to the Philippines in the ‘70s to find and meet new artists for Marvel Comics. During the trip, he gifted nice full-figure Spidey drawings to everybody. The Spidey inscribed to Virgilio Redondo was sold in April on eBay for $4,3k, this time we can see the great one gifted to Tony De Zuniga.
DC: a Superboy page by Bob Brown and Wally Wood, a rare Batman page by Chuck Patton, Witching Hour by Alex Nino.
Martian Manhunter by Tom Mandrake, a Teen Titans cover by Ian Churchill, a Star Trek cover by Keith Wilson.
I really like this G.I. Joe cover by Dave Johnson (I wrote this two times already, but never read a G.I. Joe comic in my life), an EC page by Jack Davis, a very detailed prelim by Bernie Wrightson, a nice color guide by Glynis Oliver over Romita Jr. X-Men art.
Catawiki Auctions
Hergé - Self Portrait Original Art
Hergé - Self Portrait Original Art
The big piece of the week is a small self-portrait (with E.P. Jacobs) by Hergé, a nice Lorna page by Azpiri, a nude drawing by Juillard, a Blueberry page by Colin Wilson.
This uncredited Dylan Dog page is getting a lot of bids and is already at €900, Last time I read this issue was probably 30 years ago so I can’t identify it (reply to this email and tell me..!).
A Druuna coloring page by Serpieri, a cover from “Le Storie” by Di Gennaro, a Diabolik page by Palumbo, a Milady prelim and a page from “La Compagnia della Forca” by Magnus, a Mickey Mouse illustration by Silvia Ziche.
Millon Auction
Mostly sketched books, this time. Franquin, a big Druillet, a big Iznogoud, a nice Ric Hochet by Tibet, a jam sketch with big names, a very nice Mattotti in color, a Crisse illustration.
See you next week!!
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