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🦇A Dark Victory Splash by Tim Sale!🦇 - Original Comic Art Tips #227

February 4 · Issue #227 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #227 of Original Comic Art Tips!! Tim Sale Batman, multiple great Alex Toth and Joe Kubert pages, a classic Wolverine page by Texeira.
Original Comic Art Auction Results
eBay: somebody was very lucky in buying a Popeye Sunday strip by Segar, complete with the matching Sappo topper for $12k. It’s a late piece (Jan 1937) but $12k was its price before 2010…
An Hellboy pinup by Mike Mignola went for $3k, a Ghost Rider page by Don Perlin for $2,1k, very high for a Blaze-only page. The Avengers page by George Perez for $1,9k, a Morbius page by Redondo for $1,6k, a John Carter splash by Kaluta for $1,5k, a Conan title splash by John Buscema (no Conan) for $1,3k. $950 is a good price nowadays for a Thor page by Ron Frenz.
Best Offers: less than $8,5k for this Love & Rockets page by Jaime, $5,5k seems high for this Moon Knight page by Declan Shalvey, less than $5k is a good price for the Wonder Woman pinup by John Byrne, a Marvel Zombies half splash by Sean Phillips for $3,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a very high price for this Silver Surfer page by Ron Lim, $6,6k, $2,9k is a very high price for a Flamingo strip by Baker without the title character, $2,9k for the Aliens page by Denis Beauvais, the Indiana Jones page by Ditko for $1,7k, the Spider-Man page by Pat Olliffe for $1,8k, the Madman page for $1,4k.
Catawiki: the Lucky Luke page by Bonhomme went for €6,9k, two small drawings by Hergé went for €3,1k, a page by Sempé for €6,6k, the Don Lawrence page for €2,7k, the Bouncer pinup by Boucq for €2,3k, the Dropsie Avenue page by Eisner and the Leonard page by Turk for €2k, a Starwatcher sketch by Moebius for €1,9k.
The model sheet by Magnus and the Ranxerox sketch by Liberatore both went for €1k, higher than expected, the Altai & Johnson cover by Cavazzano for a good €800, the Blueberry sketch by Giraud for a little less, €500 for a war page by Alberto Breccia and a high €400 for a Toppi sketch.

This week on eBay
Paul Ryan - Superman Original Comic Art
Paul Ryan - Superman Original Comic Art
Marvel: This Venom title page by Mark Bagley is already at $6k with four days to go, I remember it was already sold there not long ago, this (modern) Spidey page, also by Bagley has a very low starting price. A What If? page by Rik Levins, Defenders by Sal Buscema, a Wolverine commission by Rob Liefeld, a Hulk cover by Mike Deodato.
A Superman splash by Paul Ryan, a Batman illustration by Sean Chen, a Transmetropolitan page by Darick Robertson, a Death sketch by Chris Bachalo.
This Superman splash by Jim Lee has been sitting on eBay since last May, based on the latest sales the price is not that bad and he’s accepting offers.
A page by Jeremy Bastian, a 1994 Usagi Yojimbo pinup by Sakai, I like this Back to the Future cover by Gil Kane, Hellboy’s Rasputin by Skottie Young.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Tim Sale - Batman Original Comic Art
Tim Sale - Batman Original Comic Art
DC: the big piece of the week is this Batman half-splash by Tim Sale, a Batman pinup by Mike Deodato, House of Secrets by Alex Toth.
Joe Kubert: a beautiful B&B page, a Sgt. Rock page and a top title splash.
Marvel: a ‘90s Wolverine pinup by Neal Adams, X-Men pages by Bagley, Immonen, Molina, Silvestri, a Cyclops prelim by Alex Ross.
Conan by Buscema, look at this 1957 Atlas splash by Doug Wildey.
A Captain Victory sketch by Jack Kirby, a Groo pinup by Aragones.
Incredible pages by Alex Toth: a duotone illustration for the 1978 Warren Calendar (not '80s/'90s as they wrote), a page from the Land Unknown, the splash to Daddy and the Pie, a page from 39/74 which is one of my favorite Toth stories, and I may bid on this, let me know if you are too…
Strips: a 1948 Steve Canyon daily and a 1994 Garfield daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Giorgio Comolo - Swamp Thing illustration
Giorgio Comolo - Swamp Thing illustration
A Cocco Bill page by Jacovitti, a detailed model sheet by Magnus, a nice page and two detailed sketches by Sergio Toppi (one, two), a signed prelim by Manara.
Some pages by Hugo Pratt: two Corto Maltese strips (one, two), a Sgt. Kirk, a Junglemen.
A 1958 Tex strip by Galep, a Tex page by Buzzelli, a Tex illustration by Civitelli, a Julia cover by Marco Soldi, Disney original art by Luciano Gatto and Silvia Ziche.
Two nice pages by Alberto Breccia (one, two), a page by Mandrafina, 12 Larry Mannino pages by Fernandez. I can’t say if this Mafalda sketch by Quino is original or not.
I like a lot this Swamp Thing illustration by Giorgio Comolo, a painted page by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a funny Andy Capp daily.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2
Not much left to see in the second half of the listings. I just scrolled 7 pages of bad commissions that you can avoid…
Look at this Wolverine page by Mark Texeira, a Dracula pinup by Bruce Timm, an early Steranko page, a Batman page by Steve Rude, Captain Marvel by Lee Weeks.
A Hulk/Spidey pinup by Jim Starlin, a Vampirella illustration by Gonzalo Mayo, a Black Cat commission by Terry Dodson.
Tessier-Sarrou Auctions
Covers/illustrations by Ledroit, Mézières, Marini, Macherot, Gos, Girod.
A prelim by Juillard, one by Guarnido, a huge Lucky Luke pinup by Morris, some sketches by Moebius here’s the best one.
See you next week!!
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