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A Daredevil cover by Quesada - Original Comic Art Tips #239

April 29 · Issue #239 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #239 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
eBay: the Captain Marvel page by the Romitas was sold for $11,2k, the Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby went for $11,7k, hope the seller is finally satisfied… a Wolverine painting by Koufay went for a $5k B.O.
A Wolverine page by Steve McNiven for $2,5k, the Venom splash by Bagley for $2,1k, a Huntress cover by Philip Tan for a $1,9k B.O., a rare Superman page by Al Plastino for the same price, a Catwoman sketch by Darwyn Cooke for $1k.
Mike Mignola: a Lobster Johnson cover went for $6k, Hellboy sketch 1 for $1,9k, sketch 2 for $1,4k, sketch 3 for $1,3k, Mr. Peanut for $1k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Godzilla cover by Art Adams went for $8,4k, the Ruse cover by Butch Guice for $6,6k, this Ghost Rider page by Saltares/Texeira for a pretty high $5,5k, the Fantastic Four cover by Esad Ribic for $5k, $3,6k for a Black Cat page by Lee Elias, $3,3k for a Hagar Sunday by Dik Browne and many other high prices.
Catawiki: a Nero cover by Marc Sleen went for €3k, some sketches by Lambil for €2,6k, a Chick Bill cover by Tibet for €2,2k, a page by Vance for €2k, the Briganti model sheet by Magnus for €1,9k, the Ranxerox sketch by Liberatore for €950.
The Tintin sketch by Hergé went for a very good €950, 50% less than the last sales, this nice Ken Parker page by Milazzo was sold for a low €750.

This week on eBay
Steve Leialoha - Spider-Woman Original Comic Art
Steve Leialoha - Spider-Woman Original Comic Art
Marvel: She-Hulk Vs. Venom by Tom Morgan, a Spider-Woman page by Steve Leialoha, ending soon two Phoenix pages by Mike Collins (one, two), a bit weird but still a 1979 Wolverine commission by John Byrne
A Wolverine commission by Herb Trimpe, a Bishop commission by Chris Bachalo, a Spidey commission by Erik Larsen and a nice one by JRJR.
DC: JLA pages by Don Heck and Dick Dillin, Superman by Curt Swan, Legion by Cockrum, Flash Who’s Who by LaRocque, a Hawkman commission by Graham Nolan.
A Hellboy bust by Mignola, TWD by Adlard, a Ring page by Gil Kane, early Gen13 color guide by Joe Chiodo.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: a Sgt. Fury title splash by Dick Ayers, Tarzan and Conan pages by John Buscema, Iron-Man by Infantino, a Hulk/Superman page by Steve Rude, a GenX page by Chris Bachalo.
DC: JLA by Dick Dillin, a pinup by George Perez, a Superman title page by Curt Swan.
Black Cat pages by Lee Elias, Y by Pia Guerra, a Ruse illustration by Butch Guice.
A Terry daily by Caniff, a Rusty Riley, Dark Shadows by Ken Bald and a funny Garfield daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Simone Bianchi - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
Simone Bianchi - Silver Surfer Original Comic Art
A Corto Maltese strip by Hugo Pratt, a page by Dino Battaglia, La Linea by Cavandoli, a rare Tex sketch by Magnus, Dylan Dog pages by Stano and Micheluzzi, a sketch by Gipi and a Disney illustration by Silvia Ziche.
A detailed Silver Surfer prelim by Simone Bianchi, look at this Marvel prelim by Claudio Castellini, five and one Andy Capp strips, a Torpedo pinup by Bernet, an Axa strip by Romero.
Comic link Focused Auction
Ka-Zar by John Buscema, great pieces by Sal, Hulk, Spidey, Nova, Spidey.
Spider-Man 2099 original art by Rick Leonardi, Cable by Ian Churchill, many heroes in this Adam Kubert page, G-Next and Spidey by Chris Bachalo, a Phoenix cover by J. Scott Campbell, Punisher by Tim Bradstreet.
Wonder Woman by Delbo, Batman by Dillin, Newton, Novick, Superman/Doomsday by Dan Jurgens, Superman/Doc Manhattan by Gary Frank, a Swamp Thing commission by Art Adams.
Kirby Animation pieces: seems like these are the best ones offered until now, look at this action scene, the characters in this model sheet, this one is also nice, my favorite is The CHImPS!
Urania Aste part 2
Joe Quesada - Marvel Knights Original Cover Art
Joe Quesada - Marvel Knights Original Cover Art
A Silver Surfer page by John Buscema, a Spider-Man half splash by Sal, a Thor page by Jack Kirby, a Gamora painted card by Simone Bianchi, an original Marvel Knights cover by Joe Quesada.
Beautiful Wonder Woman title splash by Don Heck, JLA by Dick Dillin.
The first 100 lots of erotic comic art finally show images, so here we are with a very big Crepax section, many Valentina pages, some illustrations and other characters. Azpiri, Joe Chiodo, some Magnus pieces, a rare Manara self portrait, a beautiful Druuna page by Serpieri, Glamor girls by Don Flowers and look at this 1970 illustration by Bernie Wrightson.
A baseball themed Peanuts daily, a Sunday by Harold Knerr, a strip by Winsor McKay, a 1945 Mickey daily by Gottfredson.
Disney: a cover prelim by Don Rosa, a cover by Marco Rota, a Dracula cover painted by Fabio Celoni, a page by Scarpa.
Rare Argentinean art section with Alberto Breccia, Avrack by Enrique Breccia, then Gimenez, Lalia, Mandrafina, a Nippur splash by Villagran, a Dago page by Salinas.
Misc. Auctions
A 1952 Peanuts daily in the Animation Auction.
Not much to see in the published art section, some nice sketches, Gibrat, Giraud, Trondheim, Tibet, Swolfs.
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