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A Calvin & Hobbes strip - Original Comic Art Tips #204



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August 27 · Issue #204 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #204 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a small Jeff Jones illustration was sold for $3,8k, a MCP Dr. Doom page by Sam Kieth for $2,5k, a book with a big sketch by Moebius for $2,5k, the Avengers/David Letterman page by Milgrom for $2,1k, the Flash title page by Alan Weiss for $1,2k.
The Superman page by Byrne is still going.
Best Offers: a Giant Man page by Bob Powell went for less than $5k, an X-Men page by Werner Roth for $2,5k, a Watchmen cover by Gary Frank for $3,1k, an Hellboy panel by Mignola for $3k.
I first heard of artist Celina just a couple months ago on ebay. Since then she sold published and unpublished illustrations every week for thousands of $. This week an unpublished Vampirella pinup went for more than $3k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a rare Superman page by Wayne Boring went for $6,6k, a big JSA commission by Sheldon Moldoff for $4k, the Avengers page by John Buscema for a low $2,2k. Nude Sally Forth sketches by Wally Wood were produced in hundreds and are all pretty similar, they never went for $1,4k until this week…
Catawiki: the Sergio Toppi page was sold for €650, the Jacovitti illustration for €1,2k, the Tex page by Bernet for €750, a nice Axa strip by Romero for €550, a Swamp Thing page by Breccia for only €250.
Nate Sanders: an early Peanuts daily was sold for $62k, a Snoopy sketch for $1,1k.

This week on eBay
Don Rosa - Uncle Scrooge Original Comic Art
Don Rosa - Uncle Scrooge Original Comic Art
Marvel: a Defenders cover sketch and a Gwen Stacy sketch by John Romita, a Conan page and a Machine Man page by John Buscema, a vintage Iron-Man sketch by Dave Cockrum, a Star Trek page by Cockrum.
DC: a Freedom Fighters page by Ramona Fradon, a Superman half splash by Curt Swan, a Flash page by Greg LaRocque, a pricey Batman splash by Tony Daniel.
Quick! go ad buy this Batman half splash by Graham Nolan with a low price tag.
Best piece of the week is this Uncle Scrooge page by Don Rosa. A cover quality Crow commission by James O'Barr, a Star Trek page by John Byrne, a Scion cover and a splash by Jim Cheung.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Superman Style Guide Original Art
Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - Superman Style Guide Original Art
DC: this Long Halloween page by Tim Sale is great but there’s no Batman, a Wonder Woman page by John Byrne, a Superman Style Guide by Garcia Lopez, Hunger Dogs by Kirby, The Shadow by Kyle Baker.
Marvel: Namor by Dan Adkins, a nice Daredevil page by Tom Grindberg, a page from MCU The End by Jim Starlin with many top characters.
A 1980 Garfield Sunday. I like this quick sketch by Moebius.
Catawiki Auctions
Vance - Original Comic Art
Vance - Original Comic Art
A ‘60s page by Vance, a Prince of the Night panel by Swolfs, a Sambre illustration by Islaire, a full color page by Maltaite, a page by Crisse.
Druuna coloring by Serpieri, a pinup by Frollo, a Disney illustration by Silvia Ziche, a Masers sketch by Frezzato, a Fantastic Four page by Mario Alberti.
Comiconnect Auction
For once the big piece of the auction is a Golden Age piece, a Phantom Lady cover. Then a Falcon splash and a Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby, a great Namor page by John Buscema.
A G.I. Joe cover by Zeck, a nice Warlock page with many nostrils by Gil Kane, a Batman splash by Pat Broderick, a Batman cover by Tony Daniel, a Pogo illustration by Walt Kelly, a war cover by Lee Elias and a TWD splash by Charlie Adlard.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2 of 3: Comic Strips
Bill Watterson - Calvin & Hobbes Original Comic Art
Bill Watterson - Calvin & Hobbes Original Comic Art
We start with the huge names, like this very funny Calvin & Hobbes daily, another rarity is this The Far Side panel.
After some weaker auctions there are a top Prince Valiant by Foster (look also at this very nice one from J.C. Murphy), a top Flash Gordon by Raymond, a top Krazy Kat Sunday.
Look at this perfect Spidey Sunday by John Romita, there are also a lot of great Peanuts strips as usual, and the usual big lot of early Garfield strips.
A 1944 Terry Sunday by Caniff, a beautiful Beyond Mars by Lee Elias, a 1952 Pogo daily, Cannon by Wally Wood and several early Blondie strips.
See you next week!
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