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A Calvin & Hobbes Daily - Original Comic Art Tips #256

August 26 · Issue #256 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #256 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Spider-Man sketch by John Romita was sold for $4,5k, a Batman page by Don Newton for $2k, the Walking Dead page by Charlie Adlard for $1,8k, the Captain America sketch by Alex Ross for $1,7k.
The Superman pinup by John Byrne was a good deal at $1,6k, the Spidey sketch for $900, an Avengers page by Bob Hall for $1,2k.
The Neil Gaiman sketch for almost $800, the Invincible page for a $700 B.O. The Herb Trimpe Avengers ($600), the Larry Stroman page ($600) and the Rick Leonardi X-Men piece for $400 were all very good deals.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Gen13 page by J. Scott Campbell went for $12,6k, a MTU page by Bob McLeod for $6,6k, the X-Men page by Byrne for $4k. Look, a quick Rocketeer sketch by Dave Stevens was sold for $2,3k, then a Batgirl page by Marcos Martin for $2k, a bit surprised by the $1,3k paid for this Deathmate page by Scott Clark.
Heritage Garfield Auction: the auction went well, with almost half of the lots selling for over $1k, but there were some very cheap strips too (the ones with weird gags mostly…). A Christmas illustration was sold for $9k, a Christmas daily for $4k, this early/funny daily for $3k.
$25k paid for the 1982 Snoopy daily at Nate Sanders’.

This week on eBay
Aaron Kuder -Avengers Original Comic Art
Aaron Kuder -Avengers Original Comic Art
Marvel: this Avengers page by Bob Hall was sold last week for $1,2k, it is now for sale again (half the price for now), ROM, Fury and Reagan on this Sal Buscema page, a vintage X-Men prelim by Art Adams (another 1, another 1),
Nice Spidey page by Mark Bagley, nice Captain America bust by George Perez, an Avengers cover by Aaron Kuder, a remarked print by Frank Cho.
DC: nice Wonder Woman page by Don Heck, a Wonder Woman bust by George Perez, a Spectre page by Mandrake, a big lot of Flash pages by Roger Robinson, Robin by Pat Gleason.
A Promethea page with Tom Strong by J.H. Williams.
Remember last week’s fake Kirby sketch? If you had some doubts, this week the seller found a Joe Shuster Superman sketch at a yard sale… (and a Winsor McKay, and a Picasso…).
A new Milk & Cheese illustration by Evan Dorkin. A Steve Roper Sunday.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: Thor by John Buscema, Hulk and Spidey pages by Sal, 2 in 1 by Bingham, MTU by Chaykin, Red Sonja by Nebres.
X-Men by Marc Silvestri, Excalibur by Alan Davis, a Hobgoblin splash by Greg Land.
DC: a Donna Troy pinup by George Perez, Batman by Irv Novick, Wonder Woman by Delbo.
Wonder Woman by David Finch, JLA by Garney, look at this color guide signed by Wrigthson.
Strips: a Christmas day 1941 Nancy daily, look at the background in this Buz Sawyer daily. For lawyers, here’s a Non Sequitur panel.
Catawiki Auctions
Jordi Bernet - Torpedo Original Comic Art
Jordi Bernet - Torpedo Original Comic Art
An illustration by Crepax, El Gaucho by Manara, Ranxerox sketch by Liberatore, a Pif page by Cavazzano, Dylan Dog by Micheluzzi, a nice Nathan Never page by De Angelis.
A pinup by Luis Rojo, look at this Torpedo illustration by Bernet, a Roco Vargas page by Torres.
A Buck Danny cover, a page and an illustration by Formosa, a Durango cover by Girod, a cover and a splash by Keramidas, a Spirou page by Durieux, an illustration by Dany.
Heritage Signature Auction part 2: Comic Strips!
A hand colored Calvin & Hobbes daily is the top piece, then an early Flash Gordon page by Raymond, an early Popeye daily, many Peanuts strips, many Terry strips by Caniff.
A Krazy Kat Sunday, Tarzan and Valiant by Foster, a beautiful Bringing Up Father Sunday, a Dick Tracy Sunday.
A Johnny Comet Sunday by Frazetta, a Batman daily by Kane, a Superman daily by Boring, a rare It’s Only a Game strip by Schulz, some Rip Kirby strips and many Garfield strips.
See you next week!!
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