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A Big Selection of Top Pieces on CL and HA! Original Comic Art Tips #257



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September 2 · Issue #257 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #257 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby was sold for $35k (is this the last time?), a Hellboy in Hell page by Mike Mignola was sold for $15k (!), another page for a $4,5k Best Offer, an illustration for a $5k B.O.
A life drawing by Frazetta for $8,4k (B.O.), a She-Hulk page by Byrne for $2k, an Invincible page by Ottley for $1,6k (B.O.), a Scarlet Witch pinup by Adam Kubert for $1,6k, a Spidey splash by Bagley for $1,5k.
A Rocket Raccoon cover by Skottie Young for $1,5k (B.O.), one by Simone Bianchi for $3,2k (B.O.).
Heritage Weekly Auction: a Terry daily by Caniff went for $13,2k, the X-Men page by Silvestri for $6k, the MTU pages by Sal Buscema for $5k, the Excalibur page by Alan Davis for $3,3k.
Catawiki: a Buck Danny cover by Formosa went for €3,5k, a page for €1,7k, the Rocco Vargas page by Torres for €1,5k, the Durango cover by Girod for €1,5k, the color Dany illustration for €1k.
The Torpedo illustration by Bernet for €1,3k, a Trigan page by Don Lawrence for €1,1k, a Ranxerox sketch by Liberatore for €700.
Not so sure that this Manara sketch sold for €1,4k was original…

This week on eBay
Todd McFarlane - Infinity Inc Original Comic Art
Todd McFarlane - Infinity Inc Original Comic Art
DC: A Superman page by Ed McGuinness, nice Infinity Inc. page by McFarlane, a Green Arrow page by Don Heck, six JLA portraits by Ramona Fradon, a Secret Six splash by Calafiore, a Big Barda illustration by Geoff Shaw.
A Sandman wraparound cover by Kaluta, a Lucifer page by Peter Gross, the Dreaming by Scott Hampton.
Marvel: the cover to Captain Marvel #1 by M.D. Bright, a Hulk page by Herb Trimpe, Hulk pages by Joe Bennett, Morbius by Ron Wagner.
A Spider-Man page by Ryan Ottley, a Captain America sketch Card by Jim Cheung, a Spidey 2099 commission by Rick Leonardi, Spidey by Bagley, Spidey by Frenz.
A Hard Boiled pinup by Darrow, a Transformers cover by Casey Collier, a OZ page by Skottie Young, a King City cover by Brandon Graham.
A B.C. daily, a Wizard of ID daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
DC: some great covers, Batman by Garcia Lopez, Superman by Ross Andru, Captain Atom by Pat Broderick, a Superman splash by Bob McLeod, Batman by Don Newton, Warlord by Grell.
Marvel: an Iron-Man cover by Luke McDonnell, Nova by Sal Buscema, Spider-Woman by Infantino, a Spidey page by Bob McLeod, Shang-Chi by Zeck, X-Men by Silvestri, a Black Widow cover painted by Mark Brooks.
Strips: this seems like a regular Terry strip, but it’s already at $1k.
Catawiki Auctions
Stuart Immonen - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
Stuart Immonen - Spider-Man Original Cover Art
Very nice Ultimate Spidey cover by Stuart Immonen, some more beautiful Batman pages by Alcatena, like this one and this one, there are also some Conan pages and Avengers pages.
X-Men by Greg Land, an Axa strip by Romero, a funny Andy Capp strip, Dylan Dog pages by Di Gennaro and Nicola Mari.
Heritage Signature Auction part 3: Interior Art
Jack Kirby - Captain America Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - Captain America Original Comic Art
A Spidey splash by Ditko and a Batman page by Frank Miller are the Highest priced at the moment, an Iron-Man origin page by Don Heck, a Captain America splash by Kirby.
A Wolverine DPS by John Buscema, many Spidey pages by Ross Andru, X-Men/Spidey by Byrne, Captain America by Zeck, a very rare Werewolf page by Ploog, Avengers by Golden, Thanos by Starlin.
‘90s art: a Wolverine splash by Adam Kubert, New Mutants by Liefeld, Gauntlet by Ron Lim, a Moon Knight splash by Stephen Platt.
A Sandman DPS, a page and many Wolverine pages by Sam Kieth, you don’t often see pieces like these.
The usual big lot of Scrooge pages by Don Rosa, a Jimmy Corrigan page by Chris Ware, Dredd by Bolland, a classic Hellboy page by Mignola, and many, many more.
Comiclink Featured Auction
Ron Lim - Thanos Original Comic Art
Ron Lim - Thanos Original Comic Art
Incredible auction, with five pages of top pieces, very hard to choose only a few to link here.
A Dr. Strange cover by Brunner, a Dr. Strange cover by Colan, Dr. Strange by Ditko, a MTU cover by Gil Kane, a New Mutants DPS by Liefeld, a Thanos splash by Ron Lim, a Thanos page by Jim Starlin, a Spidey page by John Romita, one by McFarlane, one by Bagley.
Many top pieces by John Buscema, like this Spidey/Surfer page.
Many pieces by Jack Kirby, some classics like this Captain America page and many of the usual animation drawings.
If you were searching for a perfect J. Scott Campbell cover here it is (and the Stan Lee Sig is well placed too!).
Batman by Breyfogle, top Batman by Infantino, Batman by Don Newton, Batman splash by Finch, a JLA splash by Jim Lee, a Namor title splash by Sal Buscema, Avengers by Byrne.
Classic ‘90s pieces: X-Men by Joe Mad, Wildcats by Jim Lee, a Wolverine splash by Mark Pacella, an Elektra DPS by Deodato, a Prophet DPS by Platt, a Wolverine/Gambit cover by Tim Sale.
See you next week!!
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