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A Beta Ray Bill illustration by Simonson - Original Comic Art Tips #212

October 22 · Issue #212 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #212 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: a Star Wars illustration by Mike Mayhew was sold for $3k, the Silver Surfer page by Sal Buscema for $2,4k, after years on eBay this Batman cover by Ethan VanSciver was finally sold for $2k, the Batman splash by Gary Frank for $1,8k, the Barbarella cover by Celina for $1,5k.
A Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond went for $1,5k, a Batman commission by Kelley Jones for $1,3k, a Darkness page by Joe Benitez for $1k. A G.I. Joe cover by Rob Liefeld for a Best Offer lower than $2k.
Heritage Sunday Auction: the Captain Marvel page by Jim Starlin went for $13k, a World’s Finest page by Curt Swan for $5,5k, a Punisher page by Milgrom for $4k, the John Romita cover quality Spider-Man illustration was a good buy at $3,3k.
Look: an early Fred Hembeck illustration went for $2,3k.
Catawiki: the Tuniques Bleues illustration by Lambil went for €2,4k, a Steve Canyon strip for €500, a nice 100 Bullets page by Risso for almost $500, a Faust page by Tim Vigil for €450, the Serpieri pinup for €450, the Will Eisner prelim for €300.
Comiclink: The highest price was paid for this Marvel cover by Michael Turner, $20k, this Gamora cover, sold for almost $13k was the highest price for this round of J. Scott Campbell covers.
The Star Wars commission by Daniel Warren Johnson went for a very high $9k, the last of the Detective Comics #411 pages by Bob Brown for $10k, a Spidey cover by Humberto Ramos for $7k, the Venom cover by Philip Tan for $4,6k, the Wolvie/Rogue commission by John Byrne for the same price.
An early Y: the Last Man page by Pia Guerra for $1,5k, a Captain Marvel sketch by C.C. Beck for $1,6k, a stat from a cover by Joe Kubert for $1,6k.
There were also many low priced pages, here are a few nice ones: Thor by Olivier Coipel for $500, a Thor splash by Mahmud Asrar for $550, a Groo pinup by Aragones for $400, a Batman splash by Scott McDaniel for $300 and a Thing splash by Mark Bagley for $400.

This week on eBay
Ryan Ottley - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
Ryan Ottley - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
DC: a Metamorpho cover and a Batgirl pinup by Kevin Nowlan, some SuperFriends pages by Ramona Fradon here, a 1982 Teen Titans cover by Scott Hampton, a 1978 Adam Strange commission and a Batman color pinup by Neal Adams, some new Batman pages by Gary Frank (one, two), a remarked Harley print by Frank Cho.
Marvel: a Dr. Strange pinup by Kevin Nowlan, a Conan title page splash by Rafael Kayanan, one by Mike Docherty, an Avengers/X-Men page by Marc Silvestri, some detailed prelims by Angel Medina, here’s a Venom.
A Captain Marvel pinup and a Thor page by Jim Starlin, Spidey by Bagley,
Herbie by Ogden Whitney, a G.I. Joe illustration by Scott McDaniel, a Green Berets daily by Joe Kubert and a Pogo daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jack Kirby - 2001: a Space Odissey Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - 2001: a Space Odissey Original Comic Art
Marvel: some nice Kirby pieces, like a 2001 page and a Black Panther pinup.
A Conan pinup and an Avengers page by John Buscema, Red Sonja original art by Frank Thorne, a full team Avengers splash by Mark Bagley.
DC: a Green Lantern pinup by Gil Kane, a Batman cover recreation by Murphy Anderson, a Batman sketch by Jerry Robinson.
A Tom Sawyer page by Mike Ploog and some strips: Rip Kirby by Raymond, Corrigan by Al Williamson, Rusty Riley by Godwin and a Dilbert daily.
Catawiki Auctions
Blutch - Original Illustration
Blutch - Original Illustration
A nice, early page by Crisse, an illustration by Blutch, one by Bastien Vives, a Franka illustration by Kuijpers, a color illustration by Dany.
A top Zagor page by Ferri, Kriminal by Magnus, Goofy by Sergio Asteriti, Il Maestro by Di Gennaro, an Aquaman page by Butch Guice.
Heritage Ed Asner Charity Auction
Top pieces in this charity auction are a beautiful Adam Hughes illustration and a Beta Ray Bill pinup by Walt Simonson.
Covers by Declan Shalvey and Kevin Nowlan, illustrations and pinups by Gabriel Hardman, Jim Lee, Jill Thompson, Eduardo Risso.
Detailed sketches by Wendy Pini, Lee Weeks, Art Adams.
See you next week!!
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