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A bagful of comic art for you! 🎅 Original Comic Art Tips #221



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December 24 · Issue #221 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #221 of Original Comic Art Tips! An oddly early issue, I have to prepare the house for tonight’s dinner… Let’s see if Santa will bring some original art in his bag. Not rolled, please.
eBay: an Iron-Man page by Tuska was sold for $2,9k, a Champions page for $1,5k, the Star Wars page by Gene Day for $2k.
An early Strangers in Paradise page by Terry Moore went for $2k, a cover by Eric Powell for $1,5k, the Hagar Sunday by Dik Browne for $1k.
The very detailed Batman sketch by Jim Lee went for only $900, at the same time a very quick Batman on a slabbed comic made $1,1k and a Wolverine for $1,4k.
Last week I forgot to show you the results for the Amnesty charity auction. The Spider-Man illustration by Frank Miller went for €5,5k, the Wolverine by Frank Quitely for €2,5k, the Wolverine prelim by Simone Bianchi for €1,1k, the Hellboy pinup by Gabriele Dell'Otto for a little less.
The Silver Surfer by Alex Maleev for €750, the Elektra by Zezelij for €650.
The Dylan Dog page recreation by Marco Soldi went for a surprising €2,2k, an editorial illustration by Milo Manara for €850, a Batman pinup by Nicola Mari for €500.
Good performance for Disney artists, €600 for Chistè, €500 for Pastrovicchio and Intini.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Spider-Girl cover by Ron Frenz went for almost $11k, probably due to the Carnage appearance. A Golden Age title page by Rafael Astarita for $5,6k, the Superman cover by Jon Bogdanove for $5k, this Batman page by John Calnan for $660 was a good buy.
Cornette De Saint Cyr: the only result to keep is the €115k paid for this Gaston page by Franquin.
The Peanuts daily at Clars Auctions was sold for $35k.

This week on eBay
Frank Cho - Batman/Ivy Original Comic Art
Frank Cho - Batman/Ivy Original Comic Art
DC: Batman/Ivy illustration by Frank Cho, a Batman splash by Howard Chaykin, a 1967 Batman Strip.
Marvel: an Absorbing Man page by John Byrne, Howard the Duck by Colan and Mayerik, a Ghost Rider page by Don Perlin, a Conan battle page by Kwapisz and one by Chan.
An Elektra sketch by Sienkiewicz and a Spider-Man sketch by Joe Sinnott.
A Black Kiss page by Chaykin, an early Poison Elves cover, a 1986 Groo by Aragones, an early TMNT drawing by Kevin Eastman, an illustration by Jeremy Bastian, an Archie cover by Dan De Carlo.
A Ben Casey strip by Neal Adams and a nice Corrigan by Al Williamson.
Heritage Weekly Auction
A Conan page and a Silver Surfer remarked print by John Buscema, a Hulk page by Trimpe, Transformers by Springer, a Spider-Man double page by Tom Lyle.
The Atom by Dillin, Batman by Grell, Flash Gordon by Crandall.
A color guide by Steve Oliff for an early Spawn page.
Catawiki Auctions
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Secret Wars original Comic Art
Gabriele Dell'Otto - Secret Wars original Comic Art
A great week of original art at CW, like this top Secret Wars page by Gabriele Dell'Otto, a prelim page from Lo Sconosciuto by Magnus,  a Lucky Luke illustration by Bonhomme, a Jerry Spring page by Jijé, Blake & Mortimer by Juillard, Long John Silver by Lauffray, Spirou by Le Gall, a page from Dropsie Avenue by Will Eisner.
Disney: Big Bad Wolf by Bottaro, Scrooge by Cavazzano, Scrooge by Chierchini and Scrooge by Scarpa, a page by Freccero, Topolino covers by Mastantuono and Ziche.
An auction for many illustrations and some pages by Jean-François Charles.
Also many erotic pieces from top artists, here’s the less “hard” one of four offered by Manara, Emmanuelle by Guido Crepax, Mejai by Marini, sketches by Angelo Stano and Necron sketches by Magnus.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1 - Strips!
Segar - Popeye Original Comic Art
Segar - Popeye Original Comic Art
Many Peanuts strips, here’s one from 1955, many Garfield strips as well, here’s a funny 1979 Sunday.
A museum-quality Popeye daily by Segar, Johnny Comet by Frazetta, Spider-Man by Romita, a Superman Sunday by Wayne Boring, a beautiful Juliet Jones Sunday by Stan Drake, a Star Wars Sunday by Russ Manning.
Russ Cochran Auctions
A Boys’ Ranch page by Simon & Kirby, a Tarzan illustration by Mark Schultz and many comic strips.
See you next week, Ho Ho Hoo!!! 🎄🎅
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