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A 65k Toriyama Sketch, Spidey by Kirby - Original Comic Art Tips #241

May 13 · Issue #241 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #241 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the Preacher page went for $5k, the Vampirella cover by Celina for $3,6k, somebody REALLY paid $2k for Wolverine eating a sausage drawn by John Byrne, the nine Popeye strips by Bobby London for $1,7k, a Captain America page by Ed McGuinness for $1,5k, a Batman page by Bob Brown for $1,5k, the Hulk page by Steve Rude for $1,3k, a Death pinup by Chris Bachalo for $850.
A She-Hulk commission by Budd Root went for a $1,4 B.O., a Leia painting by Dave Dorman for a $1,9 B.O., a nice Ghost Rider page by Ron Garney for a $650 B.O.
This Wolverine by Bruce Timm at $400 was a good deal compared to the $1,2k Batmen sold lately, $300 for the Catwoman page by Jim Balent.
Neal Adams: a Superman movie/Marlon Brando piece was sold for $5k but the link is broken… a painted Joker portrait for a $3k B.O., a Green Lantern bust for $1,2k.
George Perez: there are a lot of quick bust/head sketches and less full commissions around (compared to Adams) by Perez, so the results reflect this. Many sketches were sold for $900 each, a full figure Jocasta for $900, a nice Daredevil bust for $750, the highest price was $2,2k for a very quick Hulk head sketch cover.
Heritage Weekly Auction: another very high price for a Terry daily by Caniff, $10,8k, $5,7k for a Spidey page by Milgrom, $5,5 for a Fantastic Four pinup.
Catawiki: a page by Hermann went for €8,2k, a rare full figure Ken Parker sketch by Milazzo went for €300, a sketch by Toppi for €300, the drawing by Barbucci for €400, the AXA illustration by Romero for €450.
Urania Aste: a good €370k of artwork sold, with the Corto Maltese illustration by Hugo Pratt as the highest price, €15k.
€8,4k for the Valentina illustration by Crepax, €1,9k for the Scrooge illustration by Cavazzano, the complete story went for a total price of €11k, with the title page sold for €1,7k and a few unsold pages, some were pretty affordable, at €400.
Then €5,5k for Gottfredson, €4,8k and €4k for Magnus, I imagined more than €4,5k for the Giardino cover, €3,9k for Serpieri, Manara and the Silver Surfer page by Buscema, €1,8k for the Spidey page by Sal Buscema.
Mandarake: just two prices… $65k for an Arale sketch by Akira Toriyama, while $7k for an Astro Boy sketch by Tezuka seems still affordable.

This week on eBay
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
John Buscema - Conan Original Comic Art
Marvel: the best piece is this Conan half-splash by John Buscema. High priced (you can try a B.O…), but a great piece is this Fantastic Four page with Spider-Man by Jack Kirby, I love vintage sketches, this Punisher by Mike Zeck is priced too high. a lot of four pages, the highlight is a signed Fantastic Four 2099 page by John Buscema, a Falcon page by Sal.
Look at this Spider-Man splash by Alan Davis, the price seems right, I liked Steve Skroce‘s X-Man as a kid, another vintage sketch, Wolverine by Rick Leonardi, Transformers by Don Perlin, a Venom splash by Francisco Herrera.
DC: a Teen Titans page a nice Green Lantern commission by George Perez, Catwoman pages by Jim Balent, Supergirl by Schaffenberger, I like a lot this 1988 Blackhawk page by Howard Chaykin, an Aquaman splash by Ramona Fradon.
A rare front facing Superman sketch by Jim Lee and Scott Williams, why is the slab reversed?
A lot of varied quality vintage DC commissions, the highlights are Brian Stelfreeze, Steve Lightle, Gene Colan and Adam Hughes.
After last week’s $5k Preacher page there are a few more, here’s the best one. A Promethea DPS by J.H. Williams.
An Archie splash by De Carlo, Grendel by Wagner, a good Starhawks by Gil Kane.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: Sgt. Rock by Ayers, Shang-Chi by Starlin, Thor by Pollard.
A pinup for the Spider-Man DVD and a Ultimate War page by Chris Bachalo, Captain America by Mark Bagley, Spider-Man by Mike Deodato.
DC: Wonder Woman by Delbo, a Superman page by Tom Grummett, a nice Starman page by Tony Harris, a Metal Men cover by George Perez.
A Y page by Pia Guerra, a Tower Chronicles cover by Bisley.
Strips: a top Phantom strip by Sy Barry, another big pile of Terry strips by Caniff, a first year Li'l Abner daily, a Rusty Riley.
Catawiki Auctions
Giorgio Cavazzano - Uncle Scrooge Original Comic Art
Giorgio Cavazzano - Uncle Scrooge Original Comic Art
A Necron splash and a model sheet by Magnus, a Nick Carter strip by Bonvi, an illustration by Jacovitti, La Linea by Cavandoli, a sketch by Sergio Toppi, very nice aviation page by Micheluzzi, an early page by Gipi.
A Tex illustration by Ticci, a cover by Alessandrini, a Dylan Dog page by Massimo Carnevale, an Uncle Scrooge splash by Cavazzano, a Donald Duck page by Bottaro.
A color pinup by Luis Rojo, a Modesty Blaise strip by Romero, a Hulk page by Mitch Breitweiser, a Spidey cover prelim by Chris Bachalo, a lot of sketches with a nice Silver Surfer by Alan Davis, a slabbed Wolverine Vs. Iron Fist blank by Neal Adams.
I’m not an expert, can’t tell you if this Leiji Matsumoto shikishi is real.
Cornette de Saint Cyr Auctions
Covers by Derib, Yoann, De Gieter, Binet.
Interior pages by Gibrat, Sfar, David B., Edika, Blutch.
Some nice sketches and sketched books, Rosinski, Franquin, Pratt, Serpieri, Moebius, Bilal, Uderzo.
Two Dingbats pages by Kirby (one, two).
See you next week!!
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