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3 Kirby Fantastic Four pages on the Bay! Original Comic Art Tips #233

March 18 · Issue #233 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #233 of Original Comic Art Tips! Many Auction results to see:
eBay: surprise! the Mignola illustration was not the highest price paid last week, suddenly a top Thor page by Jack Kirby appeared, and was sold for $13k. The Wolverine by Mike then went for more than $10k, a Moon Knight page by Sienkiewicz for $4k, the Nexus page by Steve Rude for $3,6k.
How to waste your money: pay $5,5k (I hope a much lower B.O.) for a Daredevil/Miller cover printing plate.
A Terry Sunday by Caniff went for $3,5k, a Spidey cover by Ryan Stegman for $2,3k, a Y: The Last Man half splash by Pia Guerra for $2k, the Star Wars cover by Nic Klein for $2k, $1,5k seems too much for a late Conan page by Buscema, a Walking Dead page by Adlard for $1,2k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the JLA page by George Perez went for $5,3k, a Black Widow page by Paul Gulacy for $4,3k, the Dr. Strange page by Mike Mignola for $4,3k, $4k for this Twin Earths daily.
Two Rip Kirby dailies were sold last December as a lot for $2,5k. The same two strips, less than 4 months later, went for $4,7k and $1,7k, = $6,4k…
Catawiki: the page by Milo Manara went for €3,1k, the strip for €700, the Tex page by Galep for €750, the Ulysses pinup by Gabriele Dell'Otto for €600, the page by Micheluzzi at €350 and the Avrack page by Breccia at €250 were good deals.
Heritage International Auction: Moebius wins with the Major Fatal splash sold for $119k, probably the record price for a pen and ink Moebius piece (just two color pieces ever went for more).
$100k record for Ron Frenz, probably due to the current Black Costume Spidey craze. $93k seems a good price for this perfect Tintin illustration by Hergé, quick Tintin sketches instead were at €800 until a couple of years ago, then they went up to €1,5k, now this one was sold for $3,4k.
A published Pokemon splash went for $52k, an X-Men page by Jack Kirby for $47k. The growth for superhero art by Enrico Marini continues, with $32k paid for this Batman cover. $6,9k is the new record for Excalibur interior art by Alan Davis.
ComicConnect: big record for Rich Buckler, after the record price for the Nova cover sold just two months ago for $38k, an Avengers cover was sold for $109k, a Captain America cover for $60k and a Deathlok cover for $46k (all before BP). A Black Spidey page sold for $16k is probably also an interior art record.
The $81k Jim Starlin Marvel Feature cover equals the $81k paid in January for the Rampaging Hulk cover. A JLA cover by Murphy Anderson went for $46k.
A Spidey title splash by Sal Buscema went for more or less $6k including BP, still affordable compared to similar pieces by other artists, Gene Colan Daredevil pages at $3,5k are still a good deal.
Hake’s Auctions: Highest price for the Hulk cover by Ed Hannigan, $33k, a Metamorpho cover by Sal Trapani at $25k (record price), the Secret Wars page by Mike Zeck for $20k, a Superman page by Curt Swan for $5,5k, a full issue of Green Lantern color guides over Neal Adams went for $5,5k, a Superman cover color guide over Adams for $700.

This week on eBay
Jack Kirby - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
Jack Kirby - Fantastic Four Original Comic Art
We start with the Man-Thing illustration drawn for charity by Mike Mignola.
Then Marvel, with three Fantastic Four pages by Jack Kirby for a relatively low starting price (one, two, three), another nice Morbius page by Redondo, a Conan page by John Buscema.
Lizard by Chris Bachalo, three Daredevil pages by Paolo Rivera,
DC: a Batman/Catwoman half splash by Gary Frank, a Batman page by Greg Capullo, one by Clay Mann, one by Paul Pope, a Batman sketch by Frank Miller.
A Wonder Woman page by Jose Delbo, Superman by Curt Swan, two cover quality commissions: Deathstroke by Tom Grummett, Green Arrow/Canary by Larry Stroman.
Nexus by Steve Rude, Grendel by Matt Wagner, Original Art from Love & Rockets #1 by Gilbert, a Dennis panel by Hank Ketcham.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Glynis Oliver - Daredevil Original Color Guide
Glynis Oliver - Daredevil Original Color Guide
Marvel: an Infinity War DPS by Ron Lim, a She-Hulk splash by John Byrne, a Ben Reilly Spidey page by Mark Bagley, a Spidey page by Sal Buscema, a Glynis Oliver color guide over a Daredevil DPS by Frank Miller.
DC: a Batman page by Adams/Sienk, one by Bob Brown, Shazam by Don Newton, Phantom Stranger by Mignola, a Wonder Woman commission by Terry Dodson and a Preacher page.
Look at this Love & Rockets page by Jaime, a Terry daily by Caniff, a nice Rusty Riley daily.
Catawiki Auctions
John Cassaday - Captain America Original Comic Art
John Cassaday - Captain America Original Comic Art
El Gaucho by Manara, Lo Sconosciuto by Magnus, a strip by Gipi, a Tex illustration by Civitelli, a Tex page by Frisenda.
A Captain America page by John Cassaday, Marvel Knights by Ponticelli, an illustration by Dany.
Heritage Signature Auction part 1: Covers
Many John Buscema and Jim Lee covers, here the obvious choices.
Death of Superman cover by Jon Bogdanove, first Bane cover by Graham Nolan, Aunt May’s grave by Pollard, X-Men by Cockrum, Spider-Man by Miller, Spidey by JRJR.
Captain America by Zeck, Excalibur by Alan Davis, Batman by Jim Aparo, Cable/Ghost Rider by Sam Kieth, early cover by Wrightson, early MAD by Kurtzman.
Judge Dredd by Brian Bolland, Hellboy by Mignola, Spider-Man by Travis Charest, Black Panther by Coipel.
Millon Auction
Incredible lots in this auction! it was very hard to choose what to leave out, you should go and see them all.
The top piece is a Gaston page by Franquin, but the link is broken, it’s the third lot on this page. There are many other published and unpublished drawings by Franquin and also several sketched books.
A very rare finished sketch by Jacobs, a painted Lucky Luke cover by Morris, a detailed Tintin & friends sketch by Hergé, a 1956 Alix page by Martin, a Blueberry page by Giraud and a published watercolor sketch. There are also some quick sketches if you want a cheaper piece.
Jeremiah pages and a Bernard Prince cover by Hermann, a beautiful Jerry Spring page by Jijé, a cover and a page by Manara, a 1986 cover by Liberatore, a Spider-Man pinup by Gabriele Dell'Otto and a Tarzan portrait by Burne Hogarth.
See you next week!!
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