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20 BILAL pieces sold for 1,2 Million € - Original Comic Art Tips #211

October 16 · Issue #211 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #211 of Original Comic Art Tips! Here I am 20 hours late…
eBay: the She-Hulk page by John Byrne ended at $6,7k, a Wolverine page by Chaykin for $1,9k, a Swamp Thing page by Redondo for $2k, the Iron-Man by Tuska for $1,7k, the Captain America splash by Wenzel was a good buy at less than $1,5k.
The Thor page by John Buscema was sold for $1,1k, a Batman splash by Tony Daniel for $1,3k, the Cerebus pages were sold for $1,6k and $1k. The Superman title splash by Curt Swan for less than $700, the Batman pages by Gary Frank all went for pretty low sums, highest price was $650 for this one.
Meanwhile, a sketched blank cover by Frank Cho went for $3,5k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: one of the Joe Mad X-Men pages was sold for more than $4k, the other for $2,2k. The page by JRJR is a DPS, sold for $3,4k.
A signed print by Charles Schulz went for $3,8k, a color guide over a Miller Daredevil splash for $800.
Heritage Illustration Auction: a panel by Charles Addams was sold for $10k, an Uncle Fester sketch for $5,5k, a panel by Peter Arno for $3,5k.
Catawiki: the two Corto Maltese strips by Hugo Pratt went for €6,4k, the Tintin illustration by Hergé Studios for €1k, the illustration by Sergio Toppi for €1,9k, the illustration by Jacovitti for €700.
Artcurial: the Enki Bilal-themed auction was very successful, with 21 out of 26 pieces sold, the total sum was almost 1,2 Million Euros. The top piece was this cover sold for almost €125K, another cover went for €88k, bronze medal for this panel page sold for €76k. 14 of the 21 pieces went over $50k each.

This week on eBay
Gary Frank - Batman Original Comic Art
Gary Frank - Batman Original Comic Art
DC: a cover quality Batman splash by Gary Frank is the best piece, some panel pages, a Batman page by Gene Colan, a Superboy title splash by Schaffenberger.
Marvel: a Captain America page by Mike Zeck, a Silver Surfer page by Sal Buscema, Conan and Belit by John Buscema, Shang-Chi by Vosburg, the “Peter Parker bit by a radiactive spider” scene as drawn by Ryan Ottley, a Dr. Doom sketch by George Perez, a Kitty Pryde commission by Terry Dodson.
This Usagi Yojimbo cover by Emil Cabaltierra is getting a lot of bids, a Barbarella cover by Celina, a Something is Killing the Children cover and a BRZRKR cover by Alan Quah.
A sketched book by Moebius.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: a Spider-Man illustration by John Romita, a Captain Marvel page by Jim Starlin, Red Sonja by Thorne, Punisher by Milgrom, a Fantastic Four page by George Perez.
DC: World’s Finest by Dick Dillin, Superpowers original art by Jack Kirby, a Batman pinup and a Teen Titans splash by George Perez.
A Black Cat page by Lee Elias, Love & Rockets by Jaime.
Strips: Ben Casey by Neal Adams, a rare and faded Dilbert daily, a funny Garfield daily, a very nice Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond.
Catawiki Auctions
An illustration by Lambil, a western pinup by Serpieri, a 100 Bullets page by Risso, Paperinik by Silvia Ziche, a page prelim by Will Eisner.
A Joker page by Bob Hall, a Batman page by Joe Staton.
Comic link Focused Auction part 2 of 2
As usual, the second half of the catalog contains mostly commissions and sketches, but there are still a few Stan Lee signed covers: Captain America by Tim Sale, Civil War by Michael Turner, Avengers by Skottie Young. Nobody gave Stan this Venom cover by Philip Tan to sign, while at least Mark Texeira defaced his own Punisher original art.
Look at this Star Wars commission by Daniel Warren Johnson, a 1988 Batman sketch by Mike Mignola, a Batman commission by Chris Bachalo, Power Girl by Bruce Timm.
See you next week!!
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