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📩 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ Sean Murphy Batman Cover! - Original Comic Art Tips #250

July 15 · Issue #250 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #250 of Original Comic Art Tips! So, almost five years ago (or 250 weeks ago) I sent the first issue of this newsletter to an audience of 3. I never thought I’d last this much, I hope I can continue for at least another 5 years. Every time I reach a milestone I think of many things I could do, but the reality is that I already have a hard time finding the 6 hours I need every week to write this email, so you won’t get anything different/more than last week… Hope you enjoy this newsletter enough by itself, and you’re not tired of it. 🚀📬
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: not the best Fantastic Four page by John Buscema, it still went for $2k, a Hellboy bust by Mike Mignola for $1,7k, a Moon Knight page by Denys Cowan for $1,3k, a Hawkeye cover prelim by Tim Sale for $700, a 1966 Pogo daily for $850, a Thing sketch by John Byrne inside a limited IDW book for a $800 B.O.
The G.I. Joe page by Todd McFarlane for $1,8k, we discovered last week on Facebook that the pages from this comic were lightboxed by the inker from copies of the pencils, so these were never touched by Todd.
This seller has been trying for years to pass a Spidey back cover STAT by Win Mortimer for Romita original art, this time it was sold for a $3k B.O. let’s see if the buyer will recognize it as a print.
Heritage Weekly Auction: $10k for the growing weekly prices to Ditko’s The Fly art, the New Mutants page by Sienkiewicz was sold for $9k, $8,4k for the Batman by Jusko, the 1995 Scarlet Spider page by Bagley was a good deal at $1,1k.
Comiclink Auction: Top price for the Star Wars page by Michael Golden, paid $7,9k, $7,5k for the Galactus splash by Alan Davis, $6k for the second appearance of Jason Todd by Don Newton, $4,4 for the Phoenix cover by J. Scott Campbell, $4,4 for the Ant-Man page by Don Heck.
$3,6k for a Punisher cover by Tim Bradstreet, $2,7k for the “first appearance of animated Catwoman” by Ty Templeton, $2,6k for a Black Spidey page by Isherwood.
$5,5k was the highest price for the animation illustrations by Kirby, elongated Nick Fury by Rob Liefeld went for $1,5k. Early DC art by Stuart Immonen is growing.

This week on eBay
Sean Murphy - Batman Cover Art
Sean Murphy - Batman Cover Art
DC: the best piece of the week is this Batman HC cover by Sean Murphy, a Joker prelim by Garcia Lopez, a cover by Jay Anacleto, a Green Arrow splash by Jim Aparo, Flash pages by Paul Pelletier, a remarked Wonder Woman print by Frank Cho. Last week’s Death commission by David Mack went for $800, here’s a second one.
Marvel: the New Mutants page by John Byrne and the She-Hulk page by Mike Vosburg from last week are still going.
Remember Conan at the Oktoberfest by John Buscema sold a couple months ago? Now you can make a pair with Conan at the billiard table. Defenders by Perlin, a Dr. Strange splash by Geof Isherwood, Conan by Marc Silvestri, a remarked She-Hulk print by Frank Cho, a Carnage page by Mike Perkins.
A Tank Girl page by Jaime Hewlett, a Vampirella cover by Celina, a Mouse Guard illustration by David Petersen, Grendel by Wagner.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Marvel: Avengers and Dr. Strange pages by Gene Colan, Daredevil by Kupperberg, a nice Dr. Strange splash by Milgrom/Nebres, a Nomad splash by Robbins.
Impossible to find for years lately some X-Factor pages by Larry Stroman are reappearing, the same happened a little earlier to Joe Mad X-Men original art.
DC: Flash by Infantino and Novick, a page by Aragones.
Look at this Creepy page by Alcazar, The Fly by Ditko, Spawn by Capullo, Love & Rockets by Jaime.
Strips: a Phantom Sunday by Sy Barry, a nice Bringing Up Father, a Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond, 1936 Alley Oop, a 1964 B.C., a Dennis panel by Ketcham.
Catawiki Auctions
Sergio Toppi - Original Illustration
Sergio Toppi - Original Illustration
A page by Milo Manara, a Necron splash by Magnus, a Rosso Stenton page by Micheluzzi, a beautiful painted illustration by Sergio Toppi.
A page by Mandrafina, a nice 100 Bullets page by Risso, a pinup by Luis Rojo, a Rogue Trooper page by Jose Ortiz, an Andy Capp strip, and a Yakari page by Derib.
See you next week!!
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