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17 Chris Samnee Batman Originals - Original Comic Art Tips #267



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November 11 · Issue #267 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #267 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: $3,1k for the Silver Surfer page by Ron Lim, $2,5k for the Two in One page by Tuska, $2,3k for the Doomsday Clock page by Gary Frank, $2k for a Wonder Woman page by Daniel Warren Johnson, $2k for a Batman Vs RIddler pinup by Neal Adams, $2k for the Sheena cover by Linsner, $1,8k for the Vampirella cover by Celina.
$1,7k for the Daredevil card art by Peach Momoko, $1,4k for the Hawkman cover painted by Andrew Robinson, $1,1k for a Green Lantern cover by Pat Gleason, $1k for the Spider-Man splash by Bagley.
A full figure, 9.6 Venom sketch cover by Frank Miller went for $1,7k.
Green Berets dailies by Kubert go for $300 at Weiss Auctions, on eBay somebody paid $1,3k for one. $1k seems a lot for 17 pages of Lobo color guides. Our friendly neighborhood forger was lucky, this week, and sold a fake Nightcrawler sketch by Dave Cockrum for $600. At the moment of writing a fake Spidey sketch by John Romita has 100 watchers and 30 clueless bids with two hours to go. This one is well done, if it wasn’t sold by a known forger I would maybe have believed it to be true.
$800 was a good price for the Conan DPS by Kwapisz, $200 a very good price for the Flash page by Paul Ryan.
Heritage Weekly Auction: $8,7k for the Fantastic Four page by John Romita, $6,6k for the Gen13 art by Campbell, $3,6k for the Spider-Girl cover by Olliffe, $3,3k for the Batman page by Golden, a Scrooge pinup by Don Rosa went pretty high at $1,9k, this Avengers page by Heck for $2k was a good deal.
Catawiki: a Tintin sketch by Hergé went for €2,7k, a cover by Keramidas for €1,6k, a Mickey Mouse page for €1,4k, the Manara sketch for €600, a Donald Duck drawn by Neal Adams for €300.
Mandarake: a Doraemon sketch was sold for $46k, a quick Ghost in the Shell sketch by Shirow for $6k. A very rare piece, two prelim pages from Uruseiyatsura by Rumiko Takahashi went for $7k.

This week on eBay
Chris Samnee - Batober Original Comic Art
Chris Samnee - Batober Original Comic Art
DC: let’s do something different, this year, for Batober sketches by Chris Samnee. Instead of linking to my favorite ones I will show you them all..
#1 Batman/Villains 🔥, #2 Batman, #3 Catwoman 🔥, #4 Batman, #5 Batman/Ivy, #6 Batman/Robin 🔥, #7 Batman/2Face, #8 Batman/Azrael, #9 Batman/Robin, #10 Batman, #11 Batman/Harley, #12 Batman/Robin, #13 Batgirl, #14 Gordon, #15 Robin, #16 Batman/Robin, #17 Phantasm. Come back next week for these results and the second half of auctions!
Mike Mayhack is also selling his Batober sketches, they’re nice. A Batman/Harley cover prelim by Frank Cho, Flash pages by Greg LaRocque.
Marvel: last week’s Sgt. Fury page by Ayers is ending tomorrow and very low, price lowered yet again on the Conan page by Buscema. Now at $500 or Best Offer its good to buy. Last week I thought the Fantastic Four page by Barry Kitson was very good, but it’s ending tomorrow and still zero bids.
Look: a Spidey Vs Venom cover by Gary Frank with a big rip in the middle, I’d buy it for the right price. Then look at this Pollard/Sinnott Fantastic Four page. Another Conan page by JB, a Juggernaut cover by Michael Ryan.
A Red Sonja cover by Celina, Cavewoman by Budd Root, a Transformers cover by Casey Collier, a Prophet page and a Prophet/Youngblood page by Rob Liefeld, a Mouse Guard page by Petersen, Black Science by Scalera, a B.C. Sunday.
Heritage Weekly Auction
John Bolton - X-Men Original Comic Art
John Bolton - X-Men Original Comic Art
Marvel: the top collectible (not from an artistic point) of the week may be this Transformers page with black suit Spider-Man by Frank Springer. Speaking of toys there are some G.I. Joe pages by Trimpe and Micronauts by LaRocque.
Classic X-Men by Bolton, Iron-Man by Sal Buscema; look at this Iron Fist page by Rudy Nebres, a Spider-Girl splash by Olliffe/Williamson.
A Black Widow cover prelim by Frank Cho, Cyclops and Jean Grey by Ian Churchill.
DC: Man-Bat by Golden, a Trinity splash by Tyler Kirkham.
A Cerebus title splash, great Humorama page by Jim Mooney, Creepy by Infantino & Niño.
Buz Sawyer by Crane, Juliet Jones by Drake, Rip Kirby by Raymond, a 1965 B.C. daily, Yogi Bear by Hazelton, a Pogo daily.
Heritage Signature Auction part 3: Interior Art
Jim Lee - X-Men Original Comic Art
Jim Lee - X-Men Original Comic Art
From the most valuable: a Spidey page by Steve Ditko, Hulk Vs. Wolverine by McFarlane, Ronin by Miller.
A Spidey splash by John Romita, but I also really like this page, a Thor splash by Kirby and a Demon DPS, Green Lantern by Neal Adams, Swamp Thing by Wrightson, X-Men by Byrne, a perfect Hulk page by Marie Severin.
A beautiful Spidey 2099 page by Leonardi, Spidey/Hulk DPS by JRJR, Spidey by Larsen, Wolverine Vs Thanos by Ron Lim, X-Force by Capullo.
What comes before the first appearance of Deadpool? The thumbnail for the first appearance of Deadpool.
A Aces High full story by Wood, look at this Iron-Man page by Barry Smith: many characters, signed and with a face redrawn by John Romita.
A big selection of Jim Lee pieces, I can’t choose one between this Captain America DPS, a Wolverine DPS and a Deathblow DPS.
Many Daredevil pages by Tim Sale, here’s a DPS.
Rarities: a Thor page by Walt Simonson, X-Men by Paul Smith, Witchblade original art by Michael Turner, a 1940 Captain Marvel page by C.C. Beck.
Uncle Scrooge pages, one by Carl Barks and many by Don Rosa.
Sandman pages by Dringenberg, Kieth, Jill Thompson.
ComicConnect Auction
A Thor cover by Cockrum, a page by Kirby, Machine Man by Ditko and Barry Smith, a Galactus splash by Buscema, some Byrne pages, a Batman cover by Aparo, a Lois cover by Neal Adams.
Black Spidey pages by Bagley, Milgrom, Buckler, a Spidey page by Andru, a splash by JRJR.
A Captain America splash by Epting, a Batman page by Lee Weeks, a Wolverine splash by McNiven, a Wolverine cover by Adam Kubert, a Silver Surfer cover by Ribic.
A Creepy story by Corben.
Comic Book Auctions Ltd.
A Dredd page by Mick McMahon, some Garth strips by Bellamy, a Dr. Who page by Dave Gibbons.
Nate Sanders' Prince Valiant Auction
A late Valiant page by Foster followed by a hundred J.C. Murphy pages.
See you next week!!
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