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15+ Record Prices! - Original Comic Art Tips #225

January 22 · Issue #225 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #225 of Original Comic Art Tips!!
eBay: the vintage Spider-Man page by Mark Bagley was sold for $6k, the New Warriors page for $1,9k, a Hulk page by Herb Trimpe went for $5k, a Kamandi page by Kirby for $3,3k, a Stray Dogs cover by Tony Fleecs for $2k, an Alec cover by Eddie Campbell for $1,7k.
A Red Sonja page by Thorne and a Jim Morrison portrait by Sienkiewicz that were both on eBay for years were sold for $1,5k each, a Love & Rockets page by Gilbert for $1,1k, a Wolverine splash by Jock went for $1k, considering the price for his sketches, a very good deal.
Look: a remarked 9.8 copy of Secret Wars #8 (on eBay for 2 years) was sold this week for $1,9k.
Best Offers: a Grendel cover by Matt Wagner went for less than $7,5k, a Godzilla cover by James Stokoe for $3,5k, a Hellboy book illustration by Mignola for $3k, a Daredevil commission by Gabriele Dell'Otto for less than $2,5k. $400 is a good price in perspective for a Batman page by Gary Frank. Remember the George Perez pieces from last week? They all went unsold. so they were put for sale again with a doubled price…
Heritage Weekly Auction: lately it seems like many buyers think the only place to buy original art is HA, and start bidding with pockets full of cash without a clue on an artist price evaluation. This Batman commission by Gabriele Dell'Otto was sold for $13k, don’t know his current prices but a commission like this may be priced at about $2k.
This JLA page by Jim Lee at $10k was another (small) surprise, yes there’s the full team, but it’s a pretty plain page that you could buy for $3k just a couple of years ago, and I could point the buyer to 100s better originals valued $10k.
One of the first appearances of The Elementals by Bill Willingham was sold for $12k, the F4 page by Byrne for $8,5k, a quick sketch by Gary Larson for $4k, a Batman commission by Coipel for $3,8k.
Remember the Infinity Inc. pages by McFarlane selling every week on eBay for $1-1,3k? Ok, this is a splash but still went for $2k, while I’ve seen more creative pages lately selling for much less than $1,8k.
Heritage Signature Auction: let’s start from where we were last week, 4th place for the G.I. Joe cover by Ed Hannigan sold for $312k, obvious record for the artist and probably also a record for G.I. Joe original comic art. Two years ago everybody was surprised when Sal Buscema art went over $100k, this Defenders cover made $288k, same price for Secret Wars #8 page 24, published before the $3M page 25 record by Mike Zeck.
$144k is the second highest price ever paid for John Byrne art, big $108k record for Garcia-Lopez, but the cover to Batman/Hulk is one of the most iconic superhero covers ever.
$81k for this Hulk cover is a record for Jim Starlin, just wait for an iconic cosmic piece to enter the $100k club, after the $50k paid in September, $78k is the new record for Daredevil art by Frank Miller, $72k record for Kevin Nowlan, $66k for Erik Larsen, $48k for David Lloyd, $46k is a record for Marc Silvestri… but for a Spawn cover of all things.
$38k is close to the Bill Sienkiewicz record (and it seems very low, I’d invest in vintage Sienk covers if I had the money), $38k for Rich Buckler, $38k for Paul Gulacy, this $28k record for interior Batman art by Neal Adams is not going to last, $26k for an unused New Mutants cover by Liefeld.
Look: $24k paid for a (big) Snoopy sketch by Schulz. $21k for Tim Sale Batman art.
Catawiki: a Zagor cover by Ferri went for €1k, La Linea by Cavandoli for €750, the published Claudio Villa illustration for only €350, the Dylan Dog page by Micheluzzi for €270, the pinup by Enrico Marini for €800.
The page by Juan Gimenez went for €800, the Thorgal sketch by Rosinski for €900, a nice 1965 On Stage daily for €160.

This week on eBay
Chris Bachalo - Shade Original Comic Art
Chris Bachalo - Shade Original Comic Art
DC: nice Batman page by Norm Breyfogle, top Shade page by Chris Bachalo.
Tim proposed Casee in 2017, and thought it was a good idea to commission Adam Hughes a drawing of Superman proposing to Wonder Woman… five years later…
Marvel: Conan by John Buscema, Avengers by George Perez, a Morbius page by Ron Wagner, a color Hulk commission by Ariel Olivetti, a What The? Star Trek parody splash by Aaron Lopresti.
Last week’s John Romita Jr. AVX page is ending today.
A skeleton head pinup by Mike Mignola, a Red Sonja commission by Frank Cho used as a cover, a Star Wars jam sketch, Grendel by Wagner, a Mr. Monster splash, a Strangers in Paradise page, a Usagi Yojimbo pinup by Sakai, Extremity by Daniel Warren Johnson, a Fatale painted cover by Sean Phillips.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Michael Lark - Batman Original Comic Art
Michael Lark - Batman Original Comic Art
Marvel: Fantastic Four by John Buscema, Howard the Duck by Colan, Daredevil by Carmine Infantino, a nice Spidey strip by Larry Lieber, Red Sonja by Thorne.
Spider-Man and Captain America original art by Tim Sale, an Iron-Man page by John Romita Jr., an Earth X DPS by J.P. Leon, a Spidey splash by Dan Jurgens.
A Wolverine trading card color guide by Paul Mounts over Jim Lee art.
DC: Super Powers by Jack Kirby, Sgt. Rock by Kubert, JLA by Chuck Patton, Dark Victory by Tim Sale, a Batman half splash by Michael Lark, Swamp Thing by Rick Veitch, Witchcraft by Michael Zulli.
Aliens by Mignola, Flagg by Chaykin, Tarzan by Jesse Marsh, a color shikishi by Haruiko Mikimoto.
Strips: a panel by Dan De Carlo, a funny Garfield daily, a 1959 Johnny Hazard Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
Enrico Marini - Joker Commission
Enrico Marini - Joker Commission
An illustration by Jacovitti, a very nice Rosso Stenton page by Micheluzzi, an illustration by Sergio Toppi, a Ken Parker page by Milazzo.
An illustration by Alessandrini, a Tex illustration by Civitelli, a Dylan Dog prelim by Stano, early Dylan Dog page by Rinaldi, early Donald Duck page by Luciano Gatto, a Paperinik illustration by Silvia Ziche.
A Joker commission by Enrico Marini, a 1951 Brick Bradford Sunday by Gray, a 1988 Beetle Bailey daily, two nice pages by Enrique Breccia, a pinup by Bernet, a funny sketch by Moebius, a published strip by Dany, a Franka pinup by Kuijpers.
Misc. Auctions
Russ Cochran
Three nice and early Gasoline Alley dailies, here’s the oldest one, probably pre-Skeezix, one with a big panel, one with a single, wide panel.
Austin Auction Gallery
Look at this beautiful 1958 Peanuts Sunday.
Nate Sanders
Heritage Animation Auction
Carl Barks prelim one and two.
See you next week!!
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