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11k for the Batman by Sean Murphy! - Original Comic Art Tips #251



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July 22 · Issue #251 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #251 of Original Comic Art Tips!
eBay: the Batman cover by Sean Murphy was sold for $11,3k, the New Mutants page by John Byrne for $5,1k. Would you pay $3,1k (Best Offer) for a bust commission by Peach Momoko?
A Captain America cover recreation by Sal Buscema went for $2k, a page for $1,3k, a She-Hulk page by Mike Vosburg for $1,9k, a Paper Girls page by Cliff Chiang for $1,2k.
Heritage Weekly Auction: a cover with Flash Gordon by Al Williamson went for $13k, an X-Men page by Joe Mad for $10k, even if the Milgrom inks make the page look different than usual.
Werewolf pages by Don Perlin went for a very high $7k and $6,6k, a Pogo daily for $2,2k. Some low priced Terry strips by Caniff: $1k, $1k, $900.
Catawiki: the Sergio Toppi illustration was sold for €5k, the unfinished Andrea Pazienza page for €500, the pinup by Luis Rojo for €600, the 100Bullets page for €400, an Andy Capp strip for only €75.

This week on eBay
Bruce Timm - Nick Fury Original Comic Art
Bruce Timm - Nick Fury Original Comic Art
Great week, with many nice pieces.
Marvel: look at this X-Men page by John Romita Jr., Captain America by Sal Buscema, a Wolverine pinup by Dave Cockrum (remember that a very similar one went for less last week), old Scarlet Witch sketch by George Perez, lowered price on this nice Captain America bust.
A Nick Fury pinup by Bruce Timm, an Incredible Hulk page by Todd McFarlane, an Ultimate X page by Art Adams, New Warriors #1 by Mark Bagley, a Nick Fury commission by Steranko, 1986 Silver Surfer sketch by Sinnott.
DC: beautiful Batman cover by Bo Hampton, with its painted color guide. Another cover, painted this time, and a Batman page, painted by Scott Hampton.
A Green Arrow title splash by Tom Mandrake, many Flash lots by Paul Pelletier here, a Robin page by Pat Gleason, a Harley sketch by Frank Cho, Death by David Mack.
Grendel by Wagner, some Cap Stubbs strip lots, a funny 1985 Garfield daily for a good price, a Doonesbury daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Ron Lim - Infinity War Original Comic Art
Ron Lim - Infinity War Original Comic Art
Marvel: Dr. Strange by Colan, Defenders by Starlin, Red Sonja by Thorne, Rocket Raccoon by Mignola, a Conan bust by Neal Adams.
X-Men by Portacio, Cable by Thibert, Infinity War by Ron Lim, ‘90s Spidey by Deodato.
Vintage sketches: Nightcrawler by Cockrum and a Spidey by Romita.
DC: Very nice Hawk and Dove page by Kane/Wood, a Batman commission by Jerry Robinson.
A TWD page with Zombies, the Fly by Ditko, I like this Shock Gibson Golden Age page.
Strips: rare Dilbert daily, nice Mickey Mouse daily by Gottfredson, a Flintstones Sunday.
Catawiki Auctions
I hope that the death of Catawiki is only for the summer vacations, and some nice art will come back in September… here’s what I found:
An illustration by Bilal, a Barbara page by Zanotto, a Jacovitti page, a Martin Mystere cover by Alessandrini, a pinup by Barbucci.
Hake's Auction
Al Williamson - Star Wars Original Comic Art
Al Williamson - Star Wars Original Comic Art
A week of unpublished Al Williamson Star Wars strips, here’s one, a Star Wars page by Chaykin.
Iron Fist origin by Gil Kane, She-Hulk by Byrne, Moon Knight by Sienk, very nice Daredevil page by Sal Buscema and Janson, Captain America by Robbins, a top Conan page by Kane and a Conan Vs. Sonja strip by Chan.
Top JLA page by Sekowsky, rare Superman splash by Plastino, a Marvel Family page by Don Newton and an Infinity Inc. page by McFarlane with the JSA.
Usually strong on comic strips, there’s not so much… New Year and Christmas Garfield, a Donald Duck Sunday by Taliaferro.
Russ Cochran Auctions
A sketched print by Frazetta, a Superman page by Jim Starlin, a couple nice What The? pages by Keith Wilson, only a talking heads Superman page, but with good art by Stuart Immonen.
See you next week!!
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