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100k paid for a Dale Keown cover! - Original Comic Art Tips #205



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September 3 · Issue #205 · View online
Original Comic Art Tips
Welcome to #205 of Original Comic Art Tips!
Original Comic Art Auction Results:
eBay: the Uncle Scrooge page by Don Rosa was sold for $5,8k, a Namor page by Colan/Everett for $2k, a page by Frank Quitely for $2k (for sale again for $1,3k), an Old Man Logan cover by Skottie Young for $2k.
A Spidey page by Ross Andru was sold for a Best Offer lower than $7k, the Gwen Stacy sketch by John Romita for $800, a Catwoman sketch by Bruce Timm for $900.
Somebody wasted $1k on a fake Batman bust traced over Gary Frank.
The Batman splash by Graham Nolan remained a good deal at $700, a Superman page by Curt Swan for $500 is good, a detailed commission of The Crow by James O'Barr for $400 is better.
Heritage Weekly Auction: the Garcia Lopez Superman illustration went for $7k, a Superman page with some art by Joe Shuster for $5,7k, a Legion page by Win Mortimer for $5,5k, a big MAD DPS by Al Jaffee for $5k.
Comiclink: the last CL auction was on August, 8 so I set an alarm to check the website in early September, to see the next auction lots… Sorry, seems like on August, 31 they had an incredible Featured Auction that I totally missed.
Not only that but many auction records were broken, let’s start with the jaw-dropping $93k paid for the cover to Incredible Hulk #390 by Dale Keown, $135k is the new record for interior Spider-Man original art by Todd McFarlane (the cover to Amazing #324 was also sold for $97k).
This Wolverine cover sold for $26k is probably a new record for Adam Kubert, as well as this Hellboy cover by Mignola sold for $52k, this very rare X-Men cover by Joe Mad was sold for $30k, the cover to Firestorm #1, the most important piece in the career of Pat Broderick, was sold for $21k (sold a year ago for $18,5k, the seller earned $500…).
This Fables TPB cover by Mark Buckingham went for $19k, a Power Man cover by Bob Layton for $35k, a classic Carnage cover by Tom Lyle for $38k.
Other very high prices were paid for the iconic Punisher/Wolverine cover by Jim Lee, #177k, sold exactly 5 years ago for $24k, quite good. A beautiful interior page also went for $22k.
An X-Men page by Byrne for $72k, a Gen13 cover by Campbell for $36k, a Sandman page by Dringenberg for $17k.
Use this link to see all of the other lots (before it expires).
Comiconnect: the Phantom Lady cover was the highest result with $24k, the Fantastic Four page by Jack Kirby went for $20k, the Captain Britain page by John Byrne for $12k, a G.I. Joe cover by Mike Zeck and a Miracleman cover by Dave McKean both went for $10k, a Namor page by John Buscema for $9k.
Good deals: a Lee Elias war cover for $1,1k, an unpublished Captain America splash by Sienkiewicz for $700, a 2 in 1 page by Ron Wilson for $500.

This week on eBay
Joe Chiodo - Fairchild Original Illustration
Joe Chiodo - Fairchild Original Illustration
DC: a Batman page by John Byrne, World’s Finest by Curt Swan, Rich Buckler and Dick Dillin, a Superman half splash by Jurgens/Nowlan, very nice Wonder Woman/Black Canary page by Don Heck, a 1992 Superman page by Dan Jurgens, Super Powers by Infantino, Legion by Win Mortimer.
Superman by John Romita Jr, a JLA page by Jim Lee.
Marvel: Shang-Chi by Zeck, Fantastic Four by Pollard/Sinnott, Incredible Hulk and Eternals by Sal Buscema.
A Fairchild of Gen13 painting by Joe Chiodo, a Grendel splash by Matt Wagner, a 1930 Bringing Up Father daily.
Heritage Weekly Auction
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - Wonder Woman Original Comic Art
Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez - Wonder Woman Original Comic Art
DC: the best piece of the week is this Wonder Woman style guide illustration by Garcia-Lopez, there are also two Batman illustrations.
Marvel: Power Man by Marie Severin, Defenders by Herb Trimpe, Power Pack by June Brigman and an X-Men cover by Marko Djurdjevic.
A Spawn splash by Tony Daniel, Medieval Witchblade by Michael Turner.
Strips: some top Garfields, like this 1979 daily, this Christmas day 1990, a 1980 Sunday. Ben Casey by Neal Adams, Star Wars by Alcala.
Catawiki Auctions
Vittorio Giardino - Max Fridman Original Cover Art
Vittorio Giardino - Max Fridman Original Cover Art
A Fridman cover by Vittorio Giardino, a Druuna coloring page by Serpieri, a Dylan Dog illustration by Stano, a Tex illustration by Civitelli, a Nathan Never cover by De Angelis, a Nathan Never page by Mari.
Lucrezia by Silvia Ziche, Goofy by Asteriti, a cover prelim by Cavazzano.
A Robin Hood page by Turk, an illustration by Dany, this page by Willy Vandersteen is already at €4k.
Look at this Gen13 sketch by Jim Lee, I wonder about the sketch request. ‘90s Thor by Mike Deodato.
Heritage Signature part 3 of 3: Interior Art
Jim Lee - X-Men Original Comic Art
Jim Lee - X-Men Original Comic Art
An incredible Spider-Man page by Ditko, a Captain America DPS by Kirby and one by Steranko.
Early X-Men art by Cockrum, the first appearance of Sabretooth and a full-team X-men page by John Byrne, one of the top X-men pages by Jim Lee you could ever find, a Wolverine page by Sam Kieth, Demon Bear by Sienk.
A Wildcats splash by Jim Lee, after a long while a V for Vendetta page with the main character, an early Sandman AD by Mike Dringenberg, and an early Y the Last Man cover.
See you next week!!
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