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#Handpicked: Zo komen 20.000 creatieven aan hun ideeën

Op zich is WeTransfer een dienst die het delen van grote files makkelijk maakt. Maar al jaren probeer
#Handpicked: Zo komen 20.000 creatieven aan hun ideeën
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Op zich is WeTransfer een dienst die het delen van grote files makkelijk maakt. Maar al jaren probeert het bedrijf zich te positioneren als dienst voor creatieve bedrijven en makers. Dat doet het onder meer door nieuwe producten te lanceren en op te kopen, zoals bijvoorbeeld tekentool Paper.
Maar dat doet het ook door jaarlijks een onderzoek te houden onder tienduizenden creatieven.
This year we asked 20,000 creatives, doubling last year’s data, about how their ideas grow. We crunched the numbers and took note of the trends, comparing different countries, age groups, disciplines and work environments. So what does it mean to deal in the business of ideas? How many do you need before you strike gold? And does a great idea mean money in the bank or a better-looking planet?
Een paar van de uitkomsten:
Ideas, you need more than you think (a lot more)
Conventional wisdom suggests you’re either an ideas person or you’re not. You think inside the box, or you venture outside of it. But in reality, it’s more of a numbers game.
Most people (72%) end up using less than half of the ideas they have. In France, one in four people use less than 10% of their ideas and in the US, Mexico and South Africa, that number is closer to one in 10. It’s a startling hit rate that suggests the more ideas we have, bad ones included, the more likely we are to strike gold.
Trust your gut, you know your ideas best
When it comes to pursuing a new idea, it seems sharing isn’t always caring. The creative process is often perceived as collaborative, yet only 18% of creatives will consult their ideas with friends, family or colleagues.
Meanwhile over a third of people choose to go with their gut. It’s the answer that came out on top with under-18s as well as with artists, musicians, filmmakers and dancers. People working in design, marketing and tech, on the other hand, prefer to put in the research to decide what’s worthy.
Making money only matters if the planet is still around
While the classic considerations of a good idea – “Is it original?” (52%) “Is it relevant?” (40%) – still come out on top, it’s promising to see a creative culture where profit and building a better world go hand-in-hand.
When thinking about making an idea happen, “Will it make the world better?” just tops “Can I make money with it?” (27% vs 26%). It’s a heartening stat that reflects the growing number of creatives using their platforms for social good and finding their voices as activists.

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