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#Handpicked: Gates stopte al 53 miljard in een betere wereld

Hoe rijk kun je zijn, vraag je je toch eerst af als je leest dat de Gates Foundation in 20 jaar 53 mi
#Handpicked: Gates stopte al 53 miljard in een betere wereld
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Hoe rijk kun je zijn, vraag je je toch eerst af als je leest dat de Gates Foundation in 20 jaar 53 miljard dollar stopte in projecten die tot een betere wereld moeten leiden.
At the core of our foundation’s work is the idea that every person deserves the chance to live a healthy and productive life.
Nou, je kunt dus heel rijk zijn. Veel rijken van de aarde doen eerst hun best om zo min mogelijk belasting te betalen om daarna de messias uit te gaan hangen door hun vermogen te stoppen in projecten die zij zelf belangrijk vinden. Eerst onthouden ze de samenleving geld voor het algemeen belang, daarna gaan ze goede sier maken met hun particuliere voorkeuren. Daar kun je veel van vinden. Dat doe ik ook.
Ik weet niet of Bill Gates en zijn vrouw Melinda in deze categorie vallen. Ik weet wel dat ze een interessant punt te berde brengen.
We know that philanthropy can never—and should never—take the place of governments or the private sector. We do believe it has a unique role to play in driving progress, though.
At its best, philanthropy takes risks that governments can’t and corporations won’t. Governments need to focus most of their resources on scaling proven solutions.
Businesses have fiduciary responsibilities to their shareholders. But foundations like ours have the freedom to test out ideas that might not otherwise get tried, some of which may lead to breakthroughs.
Bill Gates en zijn vrouw kunnen met hun eigen geld risicovoller investeren en onderzoeken dan de overheid kan, aldus de voormalig Microsoft-man. Geen kleine stappen zetten, maar grote ontwikkelingen als doel voor ogen houden.
The goal isn’t just incremental progress. It’s to put the full force of our efforts and resources behind the big bets that, if successful, will save and improve lives.
En lukt dat dan? In de Gates Notes zet het echtpaar een en ander op een rij. Ze focussen zich op internationale gezondheid, vaak in Afrika, onderwijs, voor een groot deel in Amerika, het klimaat en ‘gender’.
Een paar hoofdlijnen.
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance has helped vaccinate more than 760 million children and prevent 13 million deaths.
Just like Gavi, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has proven to be a tremendous success. In 2018 alone, nearly 19 million people received lifesaving HIV treatment in countries where the organization invests.
If you’d asked us 20 years ago, we would have guessed that global health would be our foundation’s riskiest work, and our U.S. education work would be our surest bet. In fact, it has turned out just the opposite.
In global health, there’s a lot of evidence that the world is on the right path—like the dramatic decline in childhood deaths, for example. When it comes to U.S. education, though, we’re not yet seeing the kind of bottom-line impact we expected. The status quo is still failing American students.
The fact that progress has been harder to achieve than we hoped is no reason to give up, though. Just the opposite. We believe the risk of not doing everything we can to help students reach their full potential is much, much greater.
If there’s one lesson we’ve learned about education after 20 years, it’s that scaling solutions is difficult. Much of our early work in education seemed to hit a ceiling. Once projects expanded to reach hundreds of thousands of students, we stopped seeing the results we hoped for.
Climate change
Solving climate change will require more than just mitigation. We also need to take on adaptation. People all over the world are already being affected by a warmer world. Those impacts will only get worse in the years to come. The cruel irony is that the world’s poorest people, who contribute the least to climate change, will suffer the worst. The best thing we can do to help people in poor countries adapt to climate change is make sure they’re healthy enough to survive it. 
Climate change is one of the most difficult challenges the world has ever taken on. But I believe we can avoid a climate catastrophe if we take steps now to reduce emissions and find ways to adapt to a warmer world.
No matter where in the world you are born, your life will be harder if you are born a girl. If we miss another opportunity, if we let the spotlight sputter out again, we risk contributing to a dangerous narrative that inequality between men and women is inevitable. We need to be loud and clear that the reason these problems look unsolvable is that we’ve never put the necessary effort into solving them.
First is fast-tracking women in leadership positions in critical sectors like government, technology, finance, and health. When more women have a voice in the rooms where decisions are made, more of those decisions will benefit all of us.
Lees de Gates Notes. Je kunt vragen stellen bij hoe mensen onmetelijk rijk worden, maar geen twijfel hebben bij wat het Gates echtpaar met hun geld doet. Ze zijn bevlogen en ambitieus.
We now have a much deeper understanding of how important it is to ensure that innovation is distributed equitably. If only some people in some places are benefitting from new advances, then others are falling even further behind.
Our role as philanthropists is not only to take risks that support innovation but to work with our partners to overcome the challenges of scale in delivering it. We believe that progress should benefit everyone, everywhere.

Gates Notes 2020
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