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#Handpicked: Alle trends op een rij

Het is jaarlijks een moment om naar uit te kijken: de presentatie van de internet-trends die Mary Me
#Handpicked: Alle trends op een rij
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Het is jaarlijks een moment om naar uit te kijken: de presentatie van de internet-trends die Mary Meeker van Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers signaleert. In maar liefst 294 slides zet ze de ontwikkelingen op een rij. Recode haalde daar onder meer de volgende hoofdpunten uit:
  • The speed of technological disruption is accelerating. It took about 80 years for Americans to adopt the dishwasher. The consumer internet became commonplace in less than a decade.
  • Expect technology to also disrupt the way we work. Just as Americans moved from agriculture to services in the 1900s, employment types will again be in flux. This time, expect more on-demand and internet-related jobs to predominate.
  • Internet leaders like Google and Amazon will offer more artificial intelligence service platforms as AI becomes a bigger part of enterprise spending.
  • Voice-controlled products like Amazon Echo are taking off. The Echo’s installed base in the U.S. grew from 20 million in the third quarter of 2017 to more than 30 million in the fourth quarter.
  • Tech companies are facing a “privacy paradox.” They’re caught between using data to provide better consumer experiences and violating consumer privacy.
  • Tech companies are becoming a larger part of U.S. business. In April, they accounted for 25 percent of U.S. market capitalization. They are also responsible for a growing share of corporate R&D and capital spending.
  • China is catching up as a hub to the world’s biggest internet companies. Currently, China is home to nine of the world’s 20 biggest internet companies by market cap while the U.S. has 11. Five years ago, China had two and the U.S. had nine.
  • Immigration remains important for U.S. tech companies. More than half of the most highly valued tech companies in the U.S. are founded by first- or second-generation immigrants. Uber, Tesla, WeWork and Wish all have first-generation founders.
Maar ga er ook zelf even voor zitten! Interessante waar!
Namens Fast Moving Targets groet ik U!
Erwin Blom

Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis - Recode
Internet Trends Report 2018
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