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What's in your tea? Billions of microplastics

Greetings! Award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson's newest role isn't on the big screen. It's on Alexa
Award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson’s newest role isn’t on the big screen. It’s on Alexa. Pulp Fiction/Star Wars/Marvel fans can have his voice in their homes, starting later this year, for an introductory price of $0.99 for a limited time. “Motherf—er!” is optional.
If, like Jackson, you want to expand your employment options, there are eight categories of information to assemble as you launch your job search. (Yes, list-making might be your actual job for a while there.) Collect things, like names of potential employers, questions to ask recruiters, and details about local networking events.
And for those of you staying at your current company but looking to effect change, think about ways to make that business carbon-neutral, like cutting emissions and buying offsets.
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How are you feeling these days?
New research suggests that, since the 2016 election, politics have been making Americans physically and emotionally ill. The study doesn’t declare President Trump the source of Americans’ physical ailments and emotional angst but suggests that the 2016 election and its aftermath are likely responsible.
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Writer, director, and producer Mike Judge talks to Fast Company about Silicon Valley, now in its sixth and final season on HBO, plus technology, Elon Musk, and Spinal Tap.
[Photo: Chris Buck/AUGUST]
[Photo: Chris Buck/AUGUST]
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