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What if men got their periods, too?

Greetings! Meetings aren't the biggest time-waster at work. (Nor is reading this newsletter, BTW.) A
Meetings aren’t the biggest time-waster at work. (Nor is reading this newsletter, BTW.) A recent survey found that 39% of workers said not having access to the right applications decreases their productivity, and 54% cited a lack of cross-departmental collaboration.
Many beauty products come in elaborate packaging, which is anything but pretty to environmentalists. Now a Berlin designer has developed a bottle made from soap to hold liquid hygiene products … before it becomes soap itself.
And plastic-eating enzymes could be the miracle solution to the planet’s plastic problem, but questions remain. They might not be the panacea we initially thought.
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What if men got their periods, too?
That’s the scenario Thinx, the period underwear company, dreams up in its first national TV ad. BBDO created the brand’s new MENstruation campaign, which will run on 18 networks across the U.S., from NBC to Bravo, starting next week.
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Freelance work is booming in the U.S.
Twenty-eight percent of American workers are full-time freelancers, up from 17% in 2014, according to a survey released today. Freelance income currently makes up almost 5% of the country’s GDP, or close to $1 trillion. That’s a greater share than those of industries like construction and transportation. 
[Photo: Hannah Wei/Unsplash]
[Photo: Hannah Wei/Unsplash]
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