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Trader Joe’s weird YouTube channel is unexpectedly amazing

Hello! Feeling bored now that the FIFA Women's World Cup is over? Are you also kind of a gamer geek?
Feeling bored now that the FIFA Women’s World Cup is over? Are you also kind of a gamer geek? Well, check out the first-ever Fortnite World Cup Finals, where all the multiplayer battle-royale action will be streaming live from today through Sunday. When you come up for air, read on …

The stigma of being a working mom
A college senior reflects on how mothers are penalized in the workplace—and the impact it had on her childhood: “It wasn’t until I was 8 years old that I found out that her coworkers didn’t even know I existed… . But it wasn’t until I reached my teens that I started to understand why she didn’t talk about us at work as freely as my dad did—because she felt like she couldn’t.”

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Today's inspiration (for insomniacs)
Forget counting sheep and listening to the sound of waves. According to new research from the Exertion Games Lab, there may be a surprisingly simple solution for insomniacs: giving them a chance to look at their own brains as they lie in bed.
[Image: courtesy RMIT University]
[Image: courtesy RMIT University]
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