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The real cost of not wearing makeup at the office

Greetings! Maybe yesterday's Monday-morning stress got you to make some online purchases you now regr
Maybe yesterday’s Monday-morning stress got you to make some online purchases you now regret. No biggie, right? You’ll just send them back. But some experts worry that free return shipping is hurting the environment.
Speaking of being eco-friendly, an algae bioreactor could be the appliance of the future. It captures carbon from the environment and releases cleaner air, according to the AI-focused tech company that developed a prototype of the device. 
Finally, channel your inner Lord and Lady Grantham by booking a night at Highclere Castle in England, which plays the titular home on the PBS series Downtown Abbey. Reservations on open on October 1 at 12 p.m. BST for £150 for a November 26 sleepover.
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Catch some Zs with Casper's CBD gummies
Mattress king Casper is getting into bed with a cannabidiol company to sell CBD gummies designed to help you sleep better. Each gummy—purple to reflect its chamomile and blackberry tea flavor—contains 25 milligrams of CBD and one milligram of melatonin. If you like to count dollars rather than sheep, know that a 14-gummy tin of the stuff will run you $35.
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Simon Doonan, Barneys’ legendary window dresser and current creative ambassador, has written a new book, Drag: The Complete Story, that traces the history of drag as far back as ancient Rome.
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