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The $218B design problem in your fridge

Greetings! Welcome back from the summer. Everyone in our office agrees it went by way too quickly, bu
Welcome back from the summer. Everyone in our office agrees it went by way too quickly, but at least we have PSLs, the Democratic debates, and tons of fall TV look forward to.
Meanwhile, summer may not be the only thing that’s over. If Facebook’s latest tests pan out, you could be saying goodbye to Like counts. As someone who gets very few, I can’t say I’d miss them.
Finally, if you’re in the path of Hurricane Dorian this week, there are many tools that let you track its progress in real time. One of my favorites is Esri’s Hurricane Aware platform, which includes an interactive map and a wealth of demographic data about impacted areas. Check it out here if you are so inclined, and please stay safe!
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There's a design problem in your fridge
In the U.S., we waste as much as $218 billion on uneaten food every year when analyzing the entire supply chain, including farming and processing. Globally, the carbon emitted by wasted food can be classified as its own country—the third worst carbon emitter in the world, behind the U.S. and China. But as our Mark Wilson writes, we could save up to 30% of food waste simply by changing expiration dates. So why don’t we?

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[Photo: DGT]
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