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'Star Wars' fans, you'd better sit down for this

Greetings! Your mother was right: Wash your hands after touching money. There's lots of yucky bacteri
Your mother was right: Wash your hands after touching money. There’s lots of yucky bacteria hanging out on frequently passed-around currency. Research on this just won an Ig Nobel (basically, the Razzies of good science for gross findings).
Deepfakes can now be for good, not just evil. “Overdub” uses audio samples of a person’s voice to generate new words or phrases. The podcast production startup Descript is looking for podcasters, YouTubers, audiobook creators, and other audio pros to help test the new feature, which is supposed to help save time and money on rerecording.
At last, showcase your love of McDonald’s without getting a Golden Arches tattoo. To mark McDelivery Night In, the fast-food chain is giving away free swag, from Big Mac-branded fleece pants to melty-cheese dress socks. Place a $10-plus delivery order from McDonald’s through Uber Eats starting at 5 p.m. to get yours.
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The plastic apocalypse is here
According to new research by Norwegian scientists, plastics in commonly used products, like yogurt cups and bath sponges, contain toxic chemicals. “The problem is that plastics are made of a complex chemical cocktail, so we often don’t know exactly what substances are in the products we use,” says one of the report’s coauthors.
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How liberally do you use exclamation marks in emails at work? That’s one of several issues Grammarly explored in its recent poll. Check it out!!!!!
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