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NEW! This is why Google's stock is tanking

Hello! Welcome to Compass, Fast Company's new newsletter. I'm Cale—and I'll be guiding you through ea
Hello! Welcome to Compass, Fast Company’s new newsletter. I’m Cale—and I’ll be guiding you through each weekday’s most interesting news with help from my fellow FC writers and editors. We aim to provide you with useful business news insights, show you cool things you don’t yet know about, and share helpful tips and tricks to make you better at work and life. Maybe I’ll throw in a meme too—who knows; the world is our oyster!
Instead of writing more about what Compass will be, let’s just get right to it:

The light at the end of the earnings tunnel
The last two weeks have been the marathon we tech and business reporters experience every three months: Earnings season. Multiple companies have disclosed their quarterly financials to both investors and analysts. Meanwhile, we journalists scour them to look for intelligent insights to share with you. This morning, we saw the market react to Alphabet’s report from last night, and it wasn’t pretty. The stock slumped more than 8%.
This Alphabet downward movement is due to uncertainty related to its ad business. Yes, Google is an ad leader—half of the ever-strong digital duopoly systematically handicapping the media industry—but the company missed on its revenue expectations, meaning it’s not growing at the pace analysts forecast. And so, the stock is tanking. At the same time, the company did make $36.34 billion this past quarter, which is a lot of money—so it’s certainly not going anywhere.
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Today's insane statistic:
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Today's new skill:
How to know when someone’s lying to you: I hate to break it to you, but someone has almost certainly intentionally not told you the truth. How can you detect this? It turns out, there are a few big tells:
  • Ask the right questions—and a lot of them.
  • Analyze the context clues.
  • Notice if they are providing a lot of unnecessary explanation.
Today's frightening reality:
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Today's brands being bad:
If you were on Twitter yesterday, you may have noticed a dumb brand tweet (what are the odds?). In this case, it was Chase bank, which tried to make a jovial little meme about why someone’s bank balance was low. It was ill-advised to say the least—and many people expressed their annoyance (disclosure: me too).
The whole fiasco is a perfect example of when brands forget they are brands. Chase is not some local Twitter account able to casually riff daily musings, it’s a multi-billion-dollar financial institution.
Today's national safety hazard:
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What else we're reading:
Today's moment of reprieve:
Via @aidenarata
Via @aidenarata
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