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Mind-reading technology is closer than you think

Hello! More and more companies are claiming to be able to "detect emotion" by analyzing large databas
More and more companies are claiming to be able to “detect emotion” by analyzing large databases of people making different facial expressions. One of the largest purveyors of this claim? Amazon, which announced earlier this week that it had added fear to its emotion detection software. But scientists doubt that facial expressions are a reliable proxy for someone’s internal emotional state and say that even sophisticated algorithms may be misguided in using facial expressions to “read out” the emotion a person is expressing. Given Amazon’s relationships with law enforcement and ICE, civil rights activists have found the companies’ new claims to detect fear alarming: “Now Amazon is setting us on a path where armed government agents could make split second judgements based on a flawed algorithm’s cold testimony,“ says Evan Greer of Fight for the Future. Read more here.

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Mind-reading technology is closer than you think
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