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Jony Ive’s real legacy

Good morning! Few would dispute that Jony Ive, who stepped down from Apple late last week, is one of
Good morning! Few would dispute that Jony Ive, who stepped down from Apple late last week, is one of the greatest, most influential designers of the past 30 years. But what was it like to actually work with him? Not always as inspiring as one might expect. Ken Kocienda, former principal engineer of iPhone software for Apple, shares this anecdote exclusively with Fast Company:
The first time I demoed software to Jony in 2013, he expressed the desire to see a user interface animation run at a different speed, and he was amazed that I could plug my laptop into the demo iPhone on the table and make the change he requested while we sat there. He said that it might take days or weeks to turn around a change in industrial design. I was amazed too. I made speedy edits like that all the time. I thought to myself, ‘Jony has no idea how we work in software.’
Read on for more stories from prominent former Apple designers on collaborating with Ive.

Jony Ive’s real legacy, according to Apple designers who worked with him
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