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Facebook's Libra woes; Nike's bird's-eye-view logo; How to go on after bankruptcy Happy Friday! In bi
Facebook’s Libra woes; Nike’s bird’s-eye-view logo; How to go on after bankruptcy
Happy Friday! In big tech news: WeWork is being sued for gender and age discrimination. And in overall big news: Aliens? But before you pour your first weekend piña colada, here are today’s biggest headlines…

Facebook's cribbed crypto logo
Earlier this week, Facebook announced its big new blockchain project Libra. It’s a new organization, supposedly with the help of other big names, intending to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions.
Because Facebook is, well, a brand, Libra, of course, has a logo. But there’s one small issue with it: It looks nearly identical to another company’s logo. Online bank Current shares an eerily similar brand image. To add insult to injury, both Facebook and Current used the same design firm to build their logos.
But even beyond the fact that Libra’s logo may borrow from something else, its very design telegraphs an unintended message. Libra’s shape is a tilde—a “~”. This generally means “approximately.” As my colleague Mark Wilson points out, when dealing with digital currency—especially one affiliated with bitcoin, which has fluctuated greatly over time—people likely want precision over approximation.
this is what happens when you only have 1 crayon left
5:36 PM - 19 Jun 2019
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