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Inside the climate rebellion at Amazon

Amazon's climate warriors; YouTube's Kids app; Toyota's new electric cars Hello. Hope you had a restf
Amazon’s climate warriors; YouTube’s Kids app; Toyota’s new electric cars
Hello. Hope you had a restful weekend and are not too hungover from the Tonys last night. In today’s news: Amazon has a new credit card for people with bad credit—but, of course, there’s a catch. What else? Read on …

A tale of one city ... and blight
The city of Mobile, Alabama, has some big issues hampering its success—income inequality, systemic racism, unregulated real estate. It also has a lot of blight. Blight is one of those indefinable words that overtakes spaces. It’s litter, graffiti, overgrowth, etc. And Mobile has a lot of all that.
Cities nowadays have great difficulty tackling blight, and that’s usually due to an amalgam of social, political, and cultural problems, which can’t be fixed by any single panacea. And yet, a task force in Mobile decided to tackle its growing blight head-on by looking at it from multiple perspectives. It’s a fascinating case study in how a city can think in an innovative fashion about a multilayered problem.
Why every business leader should care about childhood mental health
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The basic rights women have won over the last century
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The climate rebellion at Amazon
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How YouTube is fixing its Kids app
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