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How to deal with the office psychopath

Greetings! Black is always fashionable . . . unless it's your iPhone. Yesterday, Apple returned to it
Black is always fashionable … unless it’s your iPhone. Yesterday, Apple returned to its color roots by introducing six colors for the new iPhone 11. Gone are the days of Henry Ford-esque black-gray-white dominance. After all, this is a company that used to have a rainbow-hued apple as its icon.
Over in retail, we’re seeing a bit of a bust. Video game chain GameStop is, well, putting a stop to 180 to 200 stores. These “underperforming” locations, as CFO James Bell called them, will close by December 31.
But take a moment to look to the future, especially if you’re a founder raising money for the first time. You’ll need some advice to calculate what your company is worth, and that’s not easy. As one Fast Company expert explains, “Setting valuation for a startup is kind of like trying to figure out the odds of the Super Bowl before the game is played.”
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Is there a psychopath in your office?
Many workplaces have one, so the trick is to avoid that coworker before he or she goes all Single White Female on you. (Note: Said individual doesn’t need to be single, white, or female to fit the bill.) Things to do to protect yourself include keeping personal information to yourself, staying in communication with many colleagues, and maintaining good records of your accomplishments.
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