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How the Green New Deal could change business forever

Facebook's new content moderation tools; Be both mentally tough and emotionally intelligent; A genius
Facebook’s new content moderation tools; Be both mentally tough and emotionally intelligent; A genius Beyoncé twitter thread
Hello! Good news for all you crypto-enthusiasts out there: Bitcoin is making a comeback. We have a lot of other things to catch up on beyond the blockchain. Read on!

A closer look at the Green New Deal
Grow the economy—while completely decarbonizing it. That’s the mandate of the Green New Deal, a resolution introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey in February. Unless you’ve been living away from the internet for the last half year, this will sound familiar to you. But it still might not be clear how we’re going to get it done.
At Fast Company, we’re offering some answers this week. One of the critiques you’ve probably heard about the Green New Deal is that it’s too vague and sweeping to actually mean anything. We offer a different perspective: The reason it paints such broad strokes is so it can be broadly applicable. In a series of in-depth features, we explore how eight different industries—from buildings to fashion to technology—might transform to meet the sweeping aims of the Green New Deal. Markey, in fact, told us that the next policy-making step for him and his colleagues will take a similar form.
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