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How Apple architected our privacy dystopia

United's eco-friendly flight; Sephora's failed diversity training; Did Americans want to go to the mo
United’s eco-friendly flight; Sephora’s failed diversity training; Did Americans want to go to the moon?
Hiya! It’s been a busy 24 hours, let me tell you. After days of silence, YouTube responded to claims that it allows targeted harassment on its platform. Essentially, the Google-owned company said it prioritizes clicks and viral content over users’ safety, which ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Meanwhile, the United States is doubling down on its Cuba ban. There are many other important things happening. Read on and catch up on the news!

The future of air travel is already here
We spend a lot of time looking at the future of cars and road travel, but airplanes are seeing encouraging improvements, too. Today, we have three stories that showcase aviation innovation:
  • A United flight from Chicago to Los Angeles launches today that focuses on making flying greener. It uses biofuel to cut emissions and recyclable packaging for the items given out during the trip.
  • On the subject of fuel savings, there’s a more radical way to create eco-friendly (and economical!) flights: Change the plane’s overall design. Air France-KLM is developing an entirely new kind of plane that’s shaped like a V. It could save as much as 20% on fuel, compared to traditional jet usage.
  • Another big problem plaguing the airline industry is, quite simply, fatigue. Pilots work long hours and, as a result, get tired. One simple yet innovative solution to this industry-wide problem is to let them nap in the cockpit.
A MESSAGE FROM Nationwide Children's Hospital
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