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Google has an invisible menace

A dying bookstore's last wish; Big Tech's green problem; Treehouse minimalism Greetings! Did you get
A dying bookstore’s last wish; Big Tech’s green problem; Treehouse minimalism
Greetings! Did you get a chance to watch the Democratic debates last night? There were a lot of candidates and (spoiler!) none of them won. Here’s what’s leading our site today…

Google's invisible menace
We’ve all tried to log into a website or submit a form only to be stuck clicking boxes of traffic lights or storefronts or bridges in a desperate attempt to finally convince the computer that we’re not actually a bot.
For many years, this has been one of the predominant ways that reCaptcha—the Google-run internet bot detector—has determined whether a user is a bot or not. But last fall, Google launched a new version of the tool, with the goal of eliminating that annoying user experience entirely. Now, when you enter a form on a website that’s using reCaptcha V3, you won’t see the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, nor will you have to prove you know what a cat looks like. Instead, you won’t see anything at all.
It’s great for security—but not so great for your privacy.
—Katharine Schwab
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