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Everything you’ve heard about ‘Joker’ is wrong

Greetings! It's too early to know if Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination, but at least
It’s too early to know if Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination, but at least he’s nabbed the top spot in a poll about Americans’ favorite presidential candidate logos. The survey, commissioned by the promotional-product company Crestline, found that his balding head ranked first among all visuals by Democrats, Republicans, and independents.
As the workweek winds down, it’s still important to remember you have to manage your workload to avoid burnout. Whether you’re a business owner, consultant, or employee, say no to tasks that are beyond your responsibility, and don’t get too emotionally attached.
Oh, and happy National Taco Day! Numerous national and regional chain restaurants, from Taco Bell and Qdoba Mexican Eats to Chuy’s and Del Taco, are offering up freebies and deals to help you celebrate.
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Disaster-proofing is the hot new design trend
Forget about home theaters, luxurious laundry rooms, and his-and-her bathtubs. Today’s upscale homeowners want features that will ensure their houses will stand up to extreme weather. Engineered options, like tornado rooms and hydrostatic flood vents, are among the in-demand innovations.
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'Joker' is not as wild as you think
Joker opens today, so there’s a lot you need to know about this long-awaited film. Here’s some insight from our Joe Berkowitz on the controversial origin-story movie.
[Photo: Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros. Entertainment]
[Photo: Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros. Entertainment]
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