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Can this booze company kill the Aperol Spritz?

Electric cars; Myths about rich people; Tiny houses for the homeless Hi! Amazon just announced that P
Electric cars; Myths about rich people; Tiny houses for the homeless
Hi! Amazon just announced that Prime Day is going to be not one but TWO days this year. So if you’re looking for items you probably don’t need at a somewhat discounted price, July 15 and 16 are going to be nice days for you. Anyway, moving on…

The 1 thing that could propel the Green New Deal
This week we have a series of deep dives looking into the Green New Deal—the proposed stimulus package that would focus specifically on clean energy. Though some critics have referred to it as a pipe dream, we wanted to look at how the U.S. could tangibly approach the progressive proposal, and what kind of impact it would have. One easy way for the country to begin reaching the Green New Deal’s goals? Electric cars.
Other countries like China have already made big strides in promoting new, more environmentally friendly vehicles. It’s not only possible but practical for American transportation companies to begin offering low-emissions or emissions-free choices. Despite the naysayers, it turns out that shifting both cars and trucks away from fossil fuels actually makes business sense.
Our own Adele Peters went deep into the rapidly changing transportation industry, and why a Green New Deal could reinvigorate it.
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