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Are you an email jackass?

Greetings! Here's what Facebook really wants: to get into your wallet. It's time to start thinking mo
Here’s what Facebook really wants: to get into your wallet. It’s time to start thinking more about Libra, the global digital currency Facebook is developing. How do you “like” that?
On the topic of moola, there’s a new way to contribute yours to 2020 presidential candidates. Starting next month, Alexa users can send as much as $200 by voice to participating campaigns.
Finally, lights, camera, cash. Netflix reportedly will start paying actors and directors more when their movies are a hit on the streaming service. In the traditional Hollywood studio system, such back-end deals are common.
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Are you an email jackass?
Here’s how you can find out: Boomerang Insights, a new, mostly free tool that dives into your Gmail history to gauge your tone and measure your emailing habits. There’s also a paid version.
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Researchers studied more than 500 brand logos to find out which are most effective. One key takeaway was that descriptive logos, which show what the company does, are usually the way to go.
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