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Converse's new shoe; Public banks; Lawful mobile surveillance tech Hello! I have some bittersweet new
Converse’s new shoe; Public banks; Lawful mobile surveillance tech
Hello! I have some bittersweet news for all you Compass readers: Today is my last day at Fast Company. I’ve had a blast writing these daily digests for you. But don’t worry: The newsletter will live on. My wonderful colleagues will be taking over, keeping you apprised of all the important stories. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey. Now, on to the news…

The shadowy world of cellphone spying
Governments around the world use myriad tools to surveil both regimes and people. They are made by companies that capitalize on exploits in popular mobile devices and apps like WhatsApp. One of the most well-known organizations is called NSO—it’s the brains behind Pegasus, which was used to help track murdered Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi. But there are many other players out there building mobile surveillance technology used around the globe.
Though hidden from most people’s eyes, this has become a growing industry in the shadows. A recent report, in fact, says that the “lawful intercept technology” market is worth as much as $12 billion. We did a deep dive into the main players in this booming market.
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