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10 companies where workers are actually happy

Hello! Here's a free piece of advice for CEOs at very large companies: Don't attack Elizabeth Warren
Here’s a free piece of advice for CEOs at very large companies: Don’t attack Elizabeth Warren during an all-hands meeting, because if she hears about it, she will come for you.
While we’re on the topic of politics, you’ve probably been thinking a lot about impeachment lately (for some reason), so now might be the perfect time to brush up on how that process actually works. We have two lists to help you do that—one high-brow and one low-brow. Check them out now, and impress your friends with your command of a topic that will probably dominate news cycles in the coming months. For some reason.
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The other shoe just dropped
Ever since LeBron James and Maverick Carter launched their media company Uninterrupted, the idea of empowerment has been at its foundation—specifically, the idea of empowering pro athletes to speak their minds and tell their stories.
Uninterrupted has grown by leaps and bounds, and this week it hits another milestone with a new collaboration with Nike. The partnership not only includes an Uninterrupted-branded Air Force 1 sneaker but also a new apparel collection that features a hoodie, shorts, hats, and socks, available for purchase exclusively on Uninterrupted’s newly launched e-commerce store on October 7.
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Today's all-day drink
As drinking declines, nonalcoholic beer gets a slick rebrand. Brooklyn Brewery is betting better taste—and looks—will lure more sober-curious drinkers.
[Photo: Brooklyn Brewery]
[Photo: Brooklyn Brewery]
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