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Fashion Tech

Your weekly insights on the forces shaping the Fashion Industry.

Here it is, this week’s fresh reads on all things Fashion and Technology.
With an explosion of conversation around NFT’s, it seems like the fashion industry is taking a lesson from its earlier failures at adopting technology and luxury brands are jumping right in!
You will also see articles on:
  • Fungus based leather that’s trending
  • H&M’s sustainability and innovation efforts
  • A luxury brands first attempt at a digital magazine
  • The impact of resellers in the shoe game
  • Fashion For Good’s next selection of innovators in Asia
For anyone looking for a podcast you will find the latest McKinsey podcast on ‘The State of Fashion Post Pandemic’ below.
Please let me know if there are any other articles, videos, podcasts that you would like me to share. As always I try to make sure I am covering the most up to date news in the FashionTech space so your help in anything I miss is appreciated.

Luxury fashion brands poised to join the NFT party
H&M Debuts Innovation Stories, Featuring Science-Based Eco-Materials
What The Viral Spread of Mushrooms Means For Fashion’s Sustainable Future
A First Look at Issue, Bottega Veneta's New Digital Magazine
H&M Names Maisie Williams as Global Sustainability Ambassador - ESG Today
The Sneaker Game is Broken. Here's How We Fix It.
Fashion for Good picks South Asia innovators
The postpandemic state of the fashion industry | McKinsey
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