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👕+💻McKinsey Fashion Global Report 2020 | AI | Digital Fashion | Blockchain

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Fashion Tech

Your weekly insights on the forces shaping the Fashion Industry.

Hi There,
I’m your personal FashionTech curator here at Startup Digest and I’ll be delivering you all your weekly updates on all things relevant in this space.
To tell you a bit about myself, I’ve previously worked in fast-fashion, luxury retail, technology conferences and as a part of Techstars I organised Ireland’s first hackathon in FashionTech.
Based out of Dublin, I’ve been following the industry as it emerges in solving everything from, how to offer personalisation to the masses, to taking a go at tackling pollution. Luckily all that keeping up to date is not going to waste and I get to select the most relevant news and share the wisdom with you on topics like: AI | Big Data | Digital Fashion | AR | VR | Blockchain | Smart Fabrics | IoT | Robotics | Wearables | Automation | 3D Printing | Sustainability | Acquisitions | Partnerships & Collabs | Startups
Some weeks I will also share some videos, books or podcasts at the very bottom under other suggestions so keep an eye out for those.
To start us off this week I’m sharing with you articles on:
  • The State of Fashion 2020 report by McKinsey & the BoF
  • AI
  • Digital Fashion
  • Blockchain
  • 3D Printing
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainability
  • and an exciting new partnership
…….all I ask in return, is to simply give it a thumbs up or thumbs down and to please leave any suggestions whether it be telling me what you would like to see more of or to simply share with me some news you think I might have missed.
Until next week, happy reading.

The State of Fashion 2020: Navigating uncertainty in the fashion industry | McKinsey
The Fashion Industry Is Getting More Intelligent With AI
The Rise of Digital Fashion - Paying for clothes you never actually wear
From a Sewing Needle to a Laser Cutter, a New Approach to Fashion - The New York Times
The ambitious plan to publicly track every new garment we buy
Tommy Hilfiger switches to 100% digital design
TikTok enters the online shopping market
Gucci took action on climate change. Now it’s daring other companies to do the same
Queen of Raw looks to fix the Fashion Industry's insane waste problem. Can Blockchain Fix It?
Adidas and the International Space Station
Further Suggestions: Podcast | Youtube Video
PODCAST: Breaking the pattern | Microsoft In Culture
The high-tech future of fashion : Automation, 3D knitting/printing and lasering
The high-tech future of fashion : Automation, 3D knitting/printing and lasering
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Gos Tsotetsi Gos Tsotetsi - Investment Analyst & Software Engineer
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