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Fashion Tech - CGI Supermodel | Fashion Rental Landscape | MIT creates Color Changing Shoes | The New Wave of Textile's

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Fashion Tech

Your weekly insights on the forces shaping the Fashion Industry.

Welcome to the New Year Folks!
Thanks to innovations, technology enhancements, new partnerships and the efforts of the fashion industry as a whole in 2019, it has set out great foundations for the New Year ahead. It’s exciting to see new up and coming players building their products from the ground up with technology and sustainability being key focuses from the get go. Heritage brands are also doing their part with many creating internal innovation departments and shifting their energy to helping the global climate crisis.
This week I’m sharing with you articles on:
  • The Explosion of the Fashion Rental Market
  • Shudu: Your First Look at a CGI Supermodel
  • Textiles Built with Purpose and Sustainability in Mind
  • Startup Deep Dive: Paris’s First Fashion Tech Incubator
  • MIT Research Lab Create a Chameleon Inspired Shoe
  • A Talk with a Geophysist and a Designer Ahead of the Climate Positivity At Scale Conference in NY on Jan 31st **Slow Factory will be live streaming this on Youtube and Instagram
Video: The Ugly Truth of Fast Fashion. A great watch with some startling figures and revelations on some of the biggest players in this market.
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Until next week, happy reading.

Taking a look at the explosion of the Fashion Rental scene
Shudu the first digital supermodel by The Diigitals appears at the BAFTA's
Technology, Innovation, Partnerships Power Fashion Apparel Market
Start-up of the Day: Foundry helps the fashion world on the path to innovation
Colour Changing Shoes By MIT Research Lab
Scientists, Designers And Activists Collaborate To Tackle Fashion’s Biggest Problem
Further Suggestions: Video
The Ugly Truth Of Fast Fashion | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix
The Ugly Truth Of Fast Fashion | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix
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